Song Review: BLACKPINK – How You Like That

We’ve reached the point in BLACKPINK’s career where we’re literally applauding them for releasing anything. It’s certainly not fans’ fault. They’ve been starved for new content for years now, making just the idea of a BLACKPINK song more exciting than an actual BLACKPINK song. This scarce promotion might serve to build hype and the allure of elusiveness, but only if you release amazing music. How You Like That is anything but amazing. It continues along the Teddy-produced template of past hits Ddu-Du Ddu-Du and Kill This Love, yet somehow manages to be even more obnoxious.

There’s no excuse for this. YG Entertainment is working with arguably the biggest girl group on the planet right now. Even after being blunted by a series of 2019 scandals, the agency has incredible resources behind them. The group has been absent for over a year. Yet, How You Like That would be laughed off the stage if performed by any act without BLACKPINK’s name recognition and rabid fan base.

The song opens with a bit of promise, as a bubbling electro beat underlines a melodic segment that sees Teddy recycling past 2NE1 glories. From here, How You Like That stumbles and never regains its footing. Its chorus is one of the worst 2020 has offered, amounting to little more than a taunting, sing-song series of irritating English-language brags, performed in a bratty, clown-like manner that’s beneath a group of BLACKPINK’s caliber. “Look at you, now look at me,” repeated ad nauseum is not a chorus. It’s not badass, either. It feels like the ravings of an insecure boaster, and forgive me if that kind of empty braggadocio reads as particular tiresome in our current climate.

My feelings would be different if How You Like That, as an actual song, lived up to BLACKPINK’s confidence. It’s unconvincing to hear them rattle on about how great they are for two and a half minutes, only to build to a tired, double-time beat drop just like every YG hype song in history. When it comes down to it, BLACKPINK simply have not been given enough material to persuade me that they’re as amazing as the world seemingly wants them to be. Back in 2017, on the heels of hits like Playing With Fire and As If It’s Your Last, I would have believed the sentiment fueling How You Like That. But in 2020, after a string of lukewarm, infrequent comebacks, their bluster feels increasingly hollow.

 Hooks 5
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 6
 RATING 6.25

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94 thoughts on “Song Review: BLACKPINK – How You Like That

  1. Ah yes, because when I want to convince someone that I’m very rich and very badass I ,too, use the line ‘Look up in the sky it’s a bird it’s a plane’. Got ’em.

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  2. I was very much looking forward to their new release, especially since I found Kill This Love to be rather disappointing. Unfortunately this one seems to somehow be worse.

    I love their confidence and how they don’t act all cutesy and sweet, their overall vibe as a group is very cool. However, this is more like a fashion commercial than a song. I hope their next songs and MVs will be better.

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  3. Can’t believe this group is more popular than Apink and Mamamoo…

    I believe something went wrong and BP and Mamoo switched popularities for some reason.


    • I get constructive feedback and criticism. I enjoy reading your reviews however you never have anything good to say about Blackpink. Even when reviewing AIIYL or PWF , you bring 2NE1 into it. There is no issue in that but I just feel like you hold resentment against YG for what happened to 2NE1 and you take it out on Blackpink. I get the whole bias thing and everytime I read your reviews about other artists as a multi stan ; its okay and i vibe with it. However with Blackpink ; I feel your resentment. You always talk shit about Teddy’s work for Blackpink but praise his 2NE1 stuff? I just don’t get it. Its the same person , same mind and same guy who picked 2NE1 members and Coined Blackpink’s name. You say they should work with another producer yet Teddy gave blackpink their sound. It’s not only the name Blackpink.. his work creates hits. HYLT was the most successful comeback of the year and I don’t think it would have been like this if there was another producer on the track. You say Blackpink saying phrases like Look at you look at me is bratty.. yet guys do it all the time in kpop. We have shit tons of songs about guys showing off their wealth and so much more. Double standards are real. When a gg does it , its bratty but when a boygroup does it , its okay. Its funny how you write an article that kpop groups are missing constant producers and how old producers should come back and that one dude ; Teddy who is still active gets shit from you.


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