Song Review: IZ*ONE – D-D-Dance

IZ*ONE’s D-D-Dance has been floating around for a few days, with the official video premiering today on the Universe app (hence the “extended preview” version embedded below). The track is essentially a CF. And as the history of K-pop CFs has taught us, that means that the quality of the song could really land at any level. But, D-D-Dance was composed by the Full8loom team, who have quite an arsenal of great pop songs under their belt.

When it comes down to it, D-D-Dance feels like yet another IZ*ONE single. Listeners’ enjoyment will likely hinge upon how strongly (or not) they’re drawn to this sound. For me, the track shares the same strengths and weaknesses as most of IZ*ONE’s singles discography. Its energy is brisk and exciting, with a constant flow of hooky lines volleyed between the members. I appreciate how the track seems to be performed at a comfortable level, ensuring these refrains never feel forced or strained.

But, like the past few IZ*ONE singles, D-D-Dance plays as an assembly line of candy-coated scraps — musical talking rather than potent shots of melody. And as usual, this blunts the overall effect of the song. There are some nice moments, like the bursts of rhythm that make up parts of the verses, but the chorus just comes across as disparate hooks thrown together. Not one lands a knockout punch. Thankfully, the sprightly instrumental will get you moving and makes D-D-Dance fun in the moment — as fleeting as that may be.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

(full video available on the Universe app)

10 thoughts on “Song Review: IZ*ONE – D-D-Dance

  1. Interesting to see what I call the “bracelet world” from SF9’s Good Guy make a reappearance in Izone’s music video. I’ve seen groups reuse sets, but never CGI.

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  2. Nick have you heard ONF Hyojin’s OST for true beauty? It’s not a song release to be reviewed but it’s definitely the style you’ve been wanting for ONF (?) I recommend a listen


  3. This song is soooo boring. It sucks, because I know this song will do better than songs that are more memorable. I don’t mind the instrumental, but this song only needs about half the group at max (yujin, eubin, yuri, Yena, and the other two really don’t matter that much (maybe chaeyeon and chaewon)). I’m sure the dance will be great, since that’s become more of the focus this generation, but none of izone’s songs really need all twleve for vocals. The comfortable delivery of the D-D-Dance only emphasizes this.


  4. Sucks how the autotune (ala Big Hit??) hit some of the members’ voices, especially Eunbi’s. I cannot for my life distitnguish her.
    The vibe/mood it brings is defo different than other KR singles, but the energy does feel the same. Rating is about right.


  5. There is a song like this on every girl groups b-sides. The characteristic section is the harmonic in the chorus, some kind of descending half note with close second intervals in staccato percussive synthesized vocal.


  6. Eh, as a wizone, this sounds like an IZ*ONE bside reject. If I’m not wrong Open Your Eyes has the same producer but that song is fantastic.

    Good thing is the hooks, as usual, are catchy as hell. I do wish the production goes harder at the “I got youuu” part.

    Also the vocals are tuned so much that Eunbi sounds like Wonyoung. That’s not cool.

    (Btw people have been uploading the full video on youtube because the app, for lack of a better word, sucks. I tried to refresh 5 times to watch it and the server crashed multiple times.)


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