Song Review: Majors – Spit It Out

Girl group Majors is a semi-rebranding of the short-lived ANS. Their company is confidently calling this debut “the beginning of legend,” which is all well and good until you misspell “biginning” on the album artwork. Oops! (edit: the agency fixed it after this review was published) But, those kind of quirks are a fun hallmark of smaller agencies, and the mistake actually represents Spit It Out quite well. The song is at times solid, and at others quite silly.

Let’s get to that spoken-word hook first. I get what they’re trying to do here, but the delivery is unintentionally funny. It just makes me think about those times my dog has unearthed something gross from the ground and refuses to let it budge from the iron grip of her jaw no matter how nicely (or not) we coax her. I’m certain that’s not the connotation Majors were aiming for, but the phrasing has a tone of admonishment that makes me chuckle.

The rest of the track is standard girl group pop, circa BLACKPINK and their “bad girl” ilk. It centers around a catchy synth riff, which I actually like quite a bit. Unfortunately, the rest of the instrumental never develops enough steam around it. The verses have a satisfying stomp, and build toward a fun pre-chorus. But apart from that silly spoken-word hook, there’s not much here that other groups aren’t already providing. On the plus side, the girls have pleasant voices with all the requisite attitude required of a song like this. They clearly have potential to take on more daring material, and I hope they’re given the opportunity.

 Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7

8 thoughts on “Song Review: Majors – Spit It Out

  1. This is precisely the part that pisses me off about the kpop industry – these tiny agencies who have no business being the business, and the parents who sign their kids up on multiyear contracts to these hucksters.

    The song is underproduced, as is the video. I feel for these girls, who make the best of the situation.

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  2. Your description guaranteed that every time SPIT. IT. OUT. came around I would burst into laughter. I don’t usually laugh out loud, either, so I can’t resist putting this into my playlist.

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  3. Low budget videos have this distinct awkwardness to them. It makes the performance look a little weird and too slow somehow. I don’t dislike the song, especially the prechorus.

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  4. TL;DR: Major Minor

    Getting tired of giving the “CTRL+C > CTRL+V” vote. I did get a “Demi Lovato B-side with her extra spicy double entendre dipping sauce side dish” vibe from this. Not sure why this exists. I mean, if you’re going to debut (re-debut?), then you want to entice new fans by showing them something they can’t get anywhere else, right?

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  5. I don’t know if I would even call this a semi-rebranding… I mean there’s only one member carrying over into the new group. And honestly, the first ANS group ended with such a fiasco that I really don’t want to support anything coming out of this agency anymore. Thanks for the laugh with the dog imagery though LOL

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