Song Review: ENHYPEN – Fever

ENHYPEN - FeverMany fans have wholeheartedly indulged in ENHYPEN’s Carnival, buoyed by the energy of title track Drunk-Dazed. But while I enjoyed the song initially, I’m finding myself less inclined to revisit it as time goes on. Oddly, the aspect that bugged me most upon first listen (its heavy vocal effects) is hardly an issue anymore. Now, it’s the repetition in the chorus that grates. But, the nice thing about groups from HYBE/Big Hit is that they often promote follow-up songs in case you don’t quite connect with the main title.

ENHYPEN have now moved onto Fever. Unlike Drunk-Dazed, it’s a moody, languid affair. The vocal effects are still alive and well, but the pace is slowed and the song feels much more sinister. Hazy synths join a listless beat, and the melody has a creeping structure that emphasizes the vibe. I don’t find the track particularly engaging, but that’s likely a symptom of my personal taste rather than Fever’s musicality.

Still, I wish Fever would kick into gear and do something more compelling with its mood. It nails a certain “after the bacchanal” atmosphere, which works well in the context of the album. On its own, the song just thumps along, revisiting its central hook without bringing additional elements to the table. Coupled with the vocal effects, which remove most character from the guys’ performance, Fever threatens to fade into the ether. It’s not unpleasant nor enticing. It simply hangs in the air, hazy and aloof.

 Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7

8 thoughts on “Song Review: ENHYPEN – Fever

  1. Vocal autotuning already puts me off, but the song is not that bad. I think if the song was interested in being less subdued I think this could’ve worked. The melody here isn’t bad by any means. It’s got some hooks in the meat. If applied to be just dramatic enough with some energy it could’ve really been a banger. But then again, that’s probably not what they intended the song to be so I can’t fault that.

    For some reason, this song reminds me something but I can’t quite place it.

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  2. All I can remember is nothing about the song and only how I embarrassed myself a few days ago thinking this would be a newly recorded song. Other than that, the song’s hazy atmosphere which could’ve been elevated to something dramatic.

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  3. Interesting, my score would higher than yours. I like the languid pace of fever, which is also probably MY personal taste. It’s a song I listen to when I am basking out in the sun or taking a walk.

    Basically, I listen to it when I’m in a certain mood. Thus, it would be in the 8s for me. However, I can understand how the slow pace of the song would not be for everybody.

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  4. Interesting. I thought Fever was one of the best bsides on the album. Also languid is a good way to phrase it. I always categorized it as a “seduction under the burning sun” type of song with it’s laid back “seaside” type of vibe.


  5. I like this as a follow-up. It’s languid and sultry and fits in well with their vampire lore. I love the choreography, too.


  6. I liked the vibe of the song.They could have spruced it up though,add a better bridge maybe,I dont know.But it was easy on the ears and fit their overall concept.


  7. I feel the same about Drunk-Dazed, it’s little too repetitive. As for “Fever”, it’s pretty good. My experience was going “where’s the chorus- oh wait this is probably the chorus.” I wish there was more tension and release in the song, though I get the vibey atmosphere they’re going for with it.

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