Song Review: Lucy – Rolling Rolling

Lucy - Rolling RollingI’m still reeling over how fantastic Lucy’s June album Gatcha was. Those four songs felt like a crystallization of the group’s potential – diverse and sprawling with great melodies and inventive arrangements. Since then, the guys have received well-deserved attention thanks to a shout-out from Korea’s national archery team. New single Rolling Rolling (떼굴떼굴) could capitalize on this hype, given its relatively straightforward nature and sentimental drive.

I’m not sure Lucy are capable of releasing a bad song. Even this summer’s Irrelevant Answer proved to be a grower after underwhelming initially. I predict Rolling Rolling will continue this pattern. On the surface, it’s a sturdy pop/rock track. The band’s trademark violin provides a post-chorus hook, delivered just the way you’d expect. Sangyeop rattles through the wordy melodies with his usual aplomb. His vocals are powerful and playful. I love the spoken-word flourish that rounds off Rolling’s chorus. As generic as the song threatens to be, it still drips with character.

With that said, the group have proven themselves to be more interesting than this. Compared to their best work, Rolling Rolling feels like a stopgap rather than an evolution. It’s a rousing moment, but I think a stronger chorus would have capitalized upon the strengths of the song. There are spots in need of tightening and focus. But then again, I’d happily listen to Lucy jam all day, so I can hardly fault them for a bit of indulgence. It’s been a strong year for the guys, and hopefully 2022 will see their popularity explode as more listeners become aware of their charm.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25


7 thoughts on “Song Review: Lucy – Rolling Rolling

  1. I know there are a lot of Lucy fans here.

    I find this song Interesting but not compelling. (Ravi’s release today on the other hand is compelling but not interesting.)

    This song is all intellectual cool without heart or soul. Also, slow it down about 20bpm and the instrumental could be Weather Channel-style smooth jazz. So another Lucy which is not for me.

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  2. lucy could literally release a song thats 30 seconds of an instrumental and it would still be one of my favorite songs of a month


  3. I got to hear this live last Saturday, & even having already heard it once I was still surprised by the turns it takes when I listened to the studio version. It never went where I expected it to. Everytime I think the 2nd chorus will hit hard from the beginning instead of a measure later. The spoken word at the end of the chorus also threw me off the first few times. The hooks are super catchy, & there are so many, from the opening instrumental to the pre-chorus. It’s also just a fun song, & 떼굴떼굴 is really fun to say.

    I absolutely fell in love with Stove last month, & I don’t think Rolling Rolling tops it, but I definitely love it. I was also head over heels for Sequel at the concert, & I’m so happy to finally get the studio version. That chorus is incredible.

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  4. Fun and sentimental song, nice, but definitely not even a quarter as good as the weakest tracks from Gatcha! You really need to amend your requirements for EP tracklists to include it for your EP countdown. If not, I hope it at least gets a shout-out, it deserves it!


  5. I dunno why, but Lucy just haven’t clicked for me. I like the spacier stuff (Bandage, Hippipolla, sometimes ONEWE), and the more uptempo stuff (Lee Seung Yoon, N.Flying, sometimes ONEWE), and even the really intensely naval-gazing stuff if I’m in the right mood (10cm, NELL, sometimes ONEWE). Lucy seems to fall into some middle ground that just doesn’t keep my interest.


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