Song Review: P1Harmony – Do It Like This

P1Harmony - Do It Like ThisP1Harmony have already proven themselves compelling rookies, but they’ve been undercut by a serious lack of promotion. FNC missed a big opportunity limiting them to a single comeback in 2021. Hopefully 2022 will offer a more steady stream of music, because their hip-hop sound has a ton of potential. Last year’s Scared pointed toward a satisfying niche for the group. New single Do It Like This continues the trend, yet feels like a weaker version of the same sound.

This is a more upbeat, celebratory track than Scared, yet the beat is far more generic. A track like Do It Like This is nothing without a killer beat. Its production will certainly have you nodding your head, but the repeating synth loop and trap undertones feel ripped from so many other tracks. Even so, I appreciate the instrumental’s consistency. It doesn’t bend over backward to offer something for everyone. It simply grooves. This is becoming more of a rarity in K-pop.

P1Harmony’s rapping has always been a highlight, and Do It Like This takes advantage of that skill. Its melodic segments are largely forgettable, responsible for set-up rather than pay-off. The core of the track is its titular spoken-word hook. It’s hardly original, but the good-natured energy is infectious enough. If the group had been granted more comebacks up to this point, Do It Like This’s slight effort might have felt more welcome. But for a group with only two title tracks under their belt, now is not the time to coast. I hope they rediscover their ambition for the next comeback.

 Hooks 8
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75

16 thoughts on “Song Review: P1Harmony – Do It Like This

  1. Agree with with the entirety of this, except for maybe the rating. It’s nowhere as good as Scared, but it’s just kind of fun without being openly obnoxious. Also helps that the chorus has been stuck in my head since the first listen. 8.25 for me.

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  2. Do it like this. Like what? Is this another tik tok reference I am missing? Or did they miss out doing an all tik tok song?

    Other than that, its pretty generic. Not a bad song, it just sounds like it could be anyone doing it like this.

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  3. the more you listen the more addicting it gets. and the performance is really fun (u need to give it a watch) they look like they’re having a lot of fun and it enhances the song. you can’t help but want to dance during the chorus

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  4. hey i have to say the album as a whole is really solid! my personal faves are the hype dance track ‘follow me’ (the hand claps in the verses help the song gain momentum) and the theatrical ‘before the dawn’ (coincidentally infinite have a song of the same name)

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  5. Ok I might be the only one – but I really did not like Scared. One of the songs at the bottom of last year’s list for me. The instrumental was too clanging and headache inducing and so was the MV. The only part I liked was maybe the quirky Geobnani 🙃

    I really liked P1Harmony’s debut Siren but last year I was disappointed. This song though feels really cool to me! I like the nice slight pitch changes in the melody part! Though few, all the vocal parts were nice! The rap was on point and the chorus was fun! And the biggest thing for me – the instrumental was fine! A few clinks and clangs but it was nice!

    So yeah in 2022 P1Harmony is back in my list again! 😀 I hope they get more comebacks this year though! They definitely need more comebacks that would keep up the momentum!


  6. you should give their mini a listen. it’s by far their best and they stick to the hip hop sound while trying new genres
    – follow me is an EDM song
    – peacemaker is their first ballad type song but it’s not boring (again the performance enhances it) and it’s a song fully composed and written by the group and no one else
    -bop, that$ money are hip hop songs and they’ve never sounded stronger in that genre
    – before the dawn is a mix the chorus is incredibly vocal heavy and powerful and then the verses are laid back rapping

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