Buried Treasure: DRIPPIN – Trick and Treat

DRIPPIN - Trick and TreatA K-pop act’s title track isn’t always the best song on their album, even if it’s the one most people will hear. Sometimes, b-sides deserve recognition too. In the singles-oriented world of K-pop, I want to spotlight some of these buried treasures and give them the props they deserve.

Back in 2020, I was super excited about DRIPPIN’s debut. But apart from excellent b-side Reach Out Your Hands, the group kind of lost me along the way. So, imagine my surprise when new single Zero became the kind of organic grower that won’t budge from my playlist. It’s not the sound I’ve enjoyed from DRIPPIN in the past, but the song is stuffed full of highlights that keep me wanting to press replay. In fact, Zero’s hulking energy and insistent rock guitar reminds me of A.C.E’s much-loved Under Cover. DRIPPIN sell the heck out of the track – and now I feel guilty for kind of writing them off.

Though Zero‘s accompanying single album only has three songs, each of them is strong and memorable. As much as I complain about shouting in K-pop, I’m going to boast about a super-shouty track today. Trick and Treat is utterly ridiculous. But, it’s the same kind of ridiculous that made EXO’s Wolf such a classic. So many blustery boy group tracks counter their melodic verses and pre-choruses with an obnoxious hook. Trick and Treat opts to be obnoxious all the way through, and I can respect that in a weird way.

It helps that the production is equally fierce. The rock guitar from Zero is back with full force, joining percussion that absolutely slams. I mean, listen to that cool breakdown before the final chorus! It’s buttressed by over-the-top high notes and a cheesy wolf howl (EXO tribute?). You know… just in case the song was feeling too subtle for you. I’m not sure I ever want DRIPPIN to revisit this aural insanity, but as an odd little one-off, Trick and Treat fulfills both aspects of its title.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 9


9 thoughts on “Buried Treasure: DRIPPIN – Trick and Treat

  1. Although I totally despise shouty boy group tunes, this one kinda slaps. What’s more, I think that it should’ve been become the title track.
    In fact, Zero aged VERY POORLY for me because of the first verse and chorus (but especially its super irritating trap beats), and now I see it as an another noisy ultra-generic BG fare. As a result, my rating fell down from 8.25 to 6.5.😤😤

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  2. I fricking love this. It’s got a kind of a Beastie Boys kind of feel to it. And you always need a good rowdy Halloween track. They committed to the crazy, and that’s when it’s good.

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  3. this song is pretty shouty, but as bae jaehoon said, it kinda slaps. rating is just about right

    anyway, i’d like to talk about that bts article on new yorker the other day. what, the, fuck. its your typical western clickbait article that contains heavily exaggerated praise of BTS that is only made to praise the fandom and nothing else, blah blah blah.

    but, the worst part of the entire article was in one of the paragraphs, where they decide to unnecessarily bring up Jonghyun’s name and s*icide as a way to praise bts’s efforts in mental health awareness. there was no need for this. the article was never about jonghyun or shinee in anyway. plus, it’s yet another one of those times where people reduce jonghyun’s entire legacy and activism to just his death and as a symbol for “tHe DaRk SiDe Of K-pOp” without any regard for his achievements back when he was alive. its so insensitive and disrespectful, bringing down someone else just to uplift another group

    its even more infuriating because in this article, the journalist celebrates bts as beacons of change and artists who have done things socially and musically that no one else dare to do. im used to these arguments because they are usually repeated by those new to kpop and unfamiliar with anyone other bts, therefore i would normally be unbothered by the journalist’s claims. however, to mention jonghyun in that matter and then imply that another artist alone challenged social and music norms is insulting to jonghyun and his legacy

    jonghyun was one of those few idols who spoke up about political and social issues DIRECTLY, not through campaigns or as a form of marketing. he did so when it wasn’t common for idols to do so and even when his views weren’t as socially acceptable in south korea and international places. i could go on and on about all the things he spoke up about that this stupid journalist never bothered to research about, but it would take up this entire space. he was MORE than his passing, and the fact people still love bringing up his death instead of the great things he did is super insulting

    and of course when armies and shawols rightfully called her out and told her to remove the sentence, she plays the victim and makes it about “those meanie kpop fans” and pretends nothing happened

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    • Not to mention 875 being among the first to produce themselves, talk about mental health issues, write songs, have a group color, blah blah. All things I knew weren’t true after I googled these questions 3 days into my Kpop journey. All questions real journalists or at least their editors would have asked in the past


  4. Now this is the “absolute bonkers” track I wanted! I definitely agree with how they paid tribute to EXO’s “Wolf” with the howls and shouting, but I can’t help but feel that they also took inspiration from EXO’s “Drop That” with the arrangement and the instrumental.

    I wonder if this is a good sign that K-pop is going back to their golden era which I believe is the last decade.

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    • To be honest, this whole project is just their weakest ever. I’m very sad that we have come to this point, and what’s more interesting is that Woolim seems to be gearing towards more shouty songs these past months, and more languid songwriting.


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