Song Review: Yoojung (OnlyOneOf) – Begin

Yoojung - BeginEvery time I think OnlyOneOf are going to zig, they zag. I’m not sure how I feel about their unusual promotions, but at this point I’m just happy they’re still making music. Rather than opt for a traditional comeback this summer, each of the members will be releasing solo tracks – one each month until all six have had their time to shine. I hope for a full-group return shortly after, but I’ve given up trying to predict the twists and turns of the OnlyOneOf universe.

First up for these solo promotions is member Yoojung. Begin sees him delivering a moody synth-drenched mid-tempo. It feels like OnlyOneOf’s interpretation of current trends, and slots neatly into a sonic landscape I tend to enjoy. The production has the complex, industrial appeal that characterizes many of the group’s tracks (an “art pop” genre, as they call it), but the song itself is pretty straightforward. The melody creeps along, surging and swelling each time the emotion comes to a crescendo. Yoojung’s vocal is expressive enough to carry the track, but I can’t help but wonder how a full-group version might have sounded.

Paired with an equally moody video, Begin feels like an excuse to expand the aesthetics of the group’s post-libidO universe. The song is definitely not as interesting as their past two singles, but I appreciate the consistency of tone. A more dynamic melody would have sold the sentiment. As it stands, Yoojung’s performance mostly just traces the lines of the instrumental. It’s almost conversational in its delivery, giving Begin an intimate, understated appeal.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25


15 thoughts on “Song Review: Yoojung (OnlyOneOf) – Begin

  1. no but did u see in the mv description that he dedicated this song to struggling queer ppl

    “Among the countless lovers in the world, there are also
    lovers that couldn’t be blessed.
    For whatever reasons.
    Religious reasons, things like parents’ disapproval.
    I dedicate this song to all those lovers that couldn’t be

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  2. I can confirm that this one means a lot to me. Especially the lyrics. They’re just so….meaningful.
    Also, for some reason I can imagine this song being performed by The Weeknd. Maybe high-8’s for me.

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  3. Yeah I do agree that it’s undoubtedly nothing groundbreaking, but this fits right in with a long line of night/nocturnal-esque pop songs that I have a recent affinity towards. Something about this particular sonic palette just hits the right notes and I feel like it doesn’t take much effort at all for its charms to win me over lol.

    I’ll see how it ages, but I personally dig this a lot.

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  4. I appreciate this song. My heart is saying yes but my head is saying no. I think they could have leaned into it even more. When you take away the visual of the MV, the song itself sounds like an upscale solo B-side.

    Also, for some reason I can imagine this song performed by WonHo.


  5. I could go either way with this song; while it’s pleasant, I agree with you that it’s not nearly as strong as their group material, and I hope there will be more standout tracks for the other members. However I also have to voice my appreciation for the video description… it is really meaningful to me to see such a bold statement supporting the LGBT community, and I’m pretty sure they dropped it in June for this reason, too. I love it🥹

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  6. Considering I thought all the songs would be ballads.

    I think that in this case the sentiment is more important than the music itself.

    The fact the video description is short and sweet rather than the often 49 paragraphs of lore that usually appears makes me feel like this is a genuine sentiment.

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  7. This song is amazing. I mean that’s just how I feel as someone who personally feels the lyrics. The warmth and the depth of the track really makes me cry. I really love this song. OnlyOneOf is just amazing. In a world where melodies are dying we need something like this, reinventing it.

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  8. I enjoyed the song, it’s nothing extraordinary but it’s good enough. I was surprised to hear Yoojung sing like that, he was always rather shy about singing, but he did great. I also loved the description, as a queer person myself, it’s nice to see some actual support from K-pop idols

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  9. I love this – the song, his vocals, the mv, the message. They seem to go as far as they can to show support for the LGBTQ+ community in South Korea and beyond. The lyrics got me “when you’re free from any prejudice freedom will begin”. Nocturnal is a great description, the sort of song I find haunting. I suppose that nocturnal vibe is why I keep playing it with B.I.’s gorgeous Btbt. I like being haunted by songs.


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