Breaking Down the Song

As part of my Top 100 K-pop Songs of All-Time” countdown, I took the effort to dive deeply into my top ten picks and break them down moment by moment.

But, there are plenty of other songs that deserve this same treatment. So, The Bias List proudly presents an in-depth feature: “Breaking Down the K-pop Song.”

As part of this feature, I’ll be taking a close look at some of the songs that really resonate with me. They could be personal favorites, or simply tracks that are too interesting to ignore. This feature will include title tracks, b-sides… even J-pop.

**Although I have a musical ear, I’m not technically trained. As a result, these breakdowns will often describe things in a more abstract way rather than use a ton of technical jargon. But as always, my passion for this music will certainly shine through!





Girls’ Generation (SNSD)Into The New World

Golden ChildEyes On You

InfiniteBack / Paradise / The Chaser



SHINeeOne Minute Back / Sherlock

SnuperThe Star Of Stars

TaeyeonTime Lapse

TVXQCatch Me / Rising Sun

Hey! Say! JUMP「I」