The 100 Best K-Pop Songs of All-Time

In celebration of The Bias List’s fifth year anniversary, I’ve embarked on my most ambitious project yet. After years of hemming and hawing, I’ve finally ranked what I consider to be the best 100 songs in K-pop.

There will never be a definitive list of this nature, because it’s impossible to rank something that’s inherently subjective. Please feel welcome to agree, disagree, argue and justify, but at the end of the day know that this list is personal. If we happen to share a similar taste in music, it may match closely to your own list. If not, I hope you enjoy reading (and discussing) anyway!

Enjoy the full countdown as a spotify playlist (courtesy of a kind reader who compiled everything!): Honorable Mentions // Top 100

Ranking Criteria

Honorable Mentions (Songs 125-101)

Songs 100-91

Songs 90-81

Songs 80-71

Songs 70-61

Songs 60-51

Songs 50-41

Songs 40-31

Songs 30-21

Songs 20-11

Song 10

Song 9

Song 8

Song 7

Song 6

Song 5

Song 4

Song 3

Song 2

Song 1