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A Love Letter to Japan’s Late-90’s Techno Trance Craze

The Bias List’s Most-Played K-Pop & J-Pop Songs (June 2020)

The Bias List’s Most-Played K-Pop & J-Pop Artists (June 2020)

Six K-Pop Idol Variety Concepts I’d Like to See (Instead of another survival series)

When SWEETUNE Went J-POP: A Look at a Truly Underrated Discography

The Bias List’s LEGENDARY SONGS Inauguration Ceremony

K-Pop’s Greatest Singles Runs

Three K-pop & J-pop ways I’m spending the COVID Quarantine


Happy Holidays! Unwrapping 2019’s Seasonal K-Pop Offerings

Song Reviews: Ranking Queendom’s Final Comebacks

Eight Lessons that 2019-era K-pop Could Learn from INFINITE’s The Chaser

How a Post-Produce 101 Industry is Stifling K-pop’s Creativity

Ranking K-pop’s Post-Wanna One Debuts

The Fifteen Longest K-Pop Hiatuses (post-2016)

Ranking the PRODUCE X 101 Season Three Concept Songs

K-Pop’s Top Songs of Summer (2012-2018)

From Savage Garden to Golden Child: My Pop Music Timeline

Dream Collaborations: Six International Producers Who Need to Move into K-Pop


The Most Underrated K-Pop Song of All Time

If I Ruled the K-Pop World: Comeback Recommendations for the Industry’s Biggest Acts

Tracking K-Pop’s Trends from 2011-2017

A Question For K-Pop’s Boy Groups: Why So Serious?

Let’s Talk About K-Pop’s Messy Verses

Will 2018 be the Year that K-Pop Recaptures its Anything-Goes Identity?

Ranking all 18 Songs from KBS’ The Unit: Idol Rebooting Project

A Guide to the Post-‘Produce 101’ K-Pop Landscape: Its Spin-Offs, Soloists and Sub-Units


Celebrating the work of SHINee’s Jonghyun

When was the Last Time that a K-pop Comeback Genuinely Floored You After Just One Listen?

5 Reasons You Should Love SNUPER

Ranking the Produce 101 Season 2 Concept Songs


The Top 10 Most Viewed Posts on THE BIAS LIST in 2016

The Bias List’s Ultimate Halloween K-Pop Playlist

Designing A Comeback: The Perfect Infinite Album

Five Ways to Fix K-Pop Star

Most Influential Group Of 2015

Top Five Most Underrated K-Pop Rookies (Female)

Top Five Most Underrated K-Pop Rookies (Male)

Top Ten Best K-POP CHRISTMAS Songs

Where to Buy K-Pop Albums Online

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