bi·as (ˈbīəs) nounprejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair.

In the world of kpop, bias is a very real thing. Bias lists, bias groups, bias members. Once you get deep into the genre, it’s impossible to ignore. That’s why I’ve built it right into my review criteria. Given that this site will primarily focus on kpop reviews and recommendations, I’ve set a few ground rules, which will hopefully let you know a little bit more about where I’m coming from.

  1. I like what I like – Yes, I’ll try to be objective, but there are just certain aspects of music that I prefer over others and my posts wouldn’t be authentic if I ignored this. If you followed my previous blog, you’ll know that I’m a sucker for dramatic, bombastic production and that I will always favor melody over everything else, especially if it happens to be an anthemic one. As far as kpop goes, Infinite is my ultimate bias group and if you give me anything Sweetune-produced, I’m a happy camper. My own personal prejudices will be reflected in the “bias” portion of my rating.
  2. I’m allowed to change my mind – I like to think that, after a few listens to a song, I’m generally pretty good at deciding how I’m going to feel about it in the long run. That said, there are always a few tracks that end up being growers and, months after release, become some of my favorite songs of the year. This happened in 2015 with Shinee’s View and Bigbang’s Bang Bang Bang, in particular. Because of this, the “longevity” portion of my rating is the hardest to assign a number to. Doesn’t mean I won’t try!
  3. I’ll probably slip in some music from other Asian countries from time to time – Part of the reason why I launched a new blog after a decade of writing my old one is that I wanted to narrow my focus. There’s no way to be sure, and I imagine this blog will be 95% kpop, but there are a few (like, four or five) jpop groups I follow, and I desperately want to get into more cpop. So don’t be surprised if the random Japanese act pops up from time to time. I promise it’ll be worth it.

A little about me

As I mentioned before, I wanted to launch this blog because, after ten years working on my previous one (#1 Hits From Another Planet), I realized that my musical tastes have changed so much. When I first started, I wrote about mostly European pop and rock, focusing on more obscure bands with sounds that matched my taste. When I first got into kpop in 2012, I started introducing it to the blog little by little. This past year, the bulk of my posting has been about kpop and it just seemed wrong to continue along those lines with a hodgepodge blog that didn’t really have much of a focus. So here I am, starting from scratch, but bringing a decade of experience with me.

My rating criteria

Scores are on a 1-10 scale, and I tend to be a pretty positive reviewer so 1’s and 2’s will be quite rare.

Hooks – This refers to anything vocally related, like melody or rap. I wanted to call it “hooks” because kpop really is a cauldron of mixed performance styles. Many times, these tracks aren’t just your everyday pop song.

Production – This refers to anything instrumental, including a song’s beat and stylistic choices.

Longevity – This is me trying to guess how a song’s going to age based on my own taste. Sometimes it’ll be a bit of a crapshoot, but I think we all recognize a one-hit wonder or flash in the pan when we hear one.

Bias – This part is me throwing out objectivity and assigning a score based on how strongly a song aligns with my personal taste. Hopefully, you’ll find that our tastes overlap some bit. If not, I hope you’ll enjoy reading a differing opinion!

And finally, a handy little guide to what my scoring means as to a song’s merit!


13 thoughts on “About

  1. I´m glad that you decided to create this blog.We have very similar tastes when it comes to kpop and I enjoyed your perspective (sweetune massive fan over here too!). In fact I checked your retrospectives section and you had beast and infinite there , exactly my two favourite boygroups. The videos were very usefull because Im going to see infinite in my city two weeks from now and a friend that is coming with me only knew BAD so it was a helpful guide for her.

    Also please please please don´t forget #1 hits from another planet. There are not a lot of sites that post the kind of pop music that I like in the west, you were my primary source, no kidding.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Where are you seeing Infinite? I’m seeing them in LA and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ll make sure to write up a post sometime afterwards.
      As for #1 Hits, it’s hard to say what I’ll end up doing. The problem is, for the last year or two there just hasn’t been a lot of western music that’s interested me and it’s been harder and harder to have an opinion about it. But if something really awesome does come along, you never know…
      Also, I’m honored that I was your primary source!!


      • not same country: mexico city hahah. They came here for the music bank in 2014 but I couldnt go so I am very excited that i would be able to attend their solo concert.

        I understand your point about the western music and the fact that you want to write about what you like . I also find kpop much more enjoyable, I guess is just a matter of taste.


  2. Hi!I just came across you blog….actually, I’ve probably been on here for about an hour now, and I think it’s just great. We have very similar tastes and opinions, and your views are very honest and interesting to read. I love seeing all the Jpop on here too! Keep being awesome and I’ll continue to creep about your blog. *laughs* ^^


  3. Thanks for the kind words, Mahdee! I’m still a new site so hearing any feedback like this really makes my day. Visit (and comment) often… and spread the word!!


  4. Hello! I just found your blog when I randomly searched for Infinite – That Summer (Second Story) and came across your review. And what a pleasant surprise to know that you’re also a fellow Inspirit! I feel that Infinite is tremendously underrated and finding a reviewer with a similar taste in music as I am is pure golden. 😀
    I also noticed that you’re into NEWS too. They’re one of my favorites in the J-Pop act. You might also want to check out Aqua Timez and V6. V6 definitely ranked first in my J-bias list (probably because they had sentimental values to me) and Aqua Timez comes to a close second. I think they’ll probably be to your liking since we almost have similar taste.
    Thanks for the blog! I had fun reading your reviews 😀


    • Awesome! I’ve heard of V6 but haven’t really checked out their music. And I haven’t even heard of Aqua Timez! I’m excited to check them out. Thanks for reading and commenting!


  5. Hey, we’ve got pretty similar taste, and I find your analysis of the songs really interesting! I came here for Infinite, but have been trawling through the rest of your articles for new things to listen to, so thank you for some great recommendations!


  6. Hi !
    I’ve discovered your blog through another one and find myself appreciating your reviews and your top tens.
    I noticed and read about your enjoyment for Sweetune, the same as mine since a long time now (big fan of Nine Muses, Infinite or Kara songs for instance). I allow myself to promote a video that I made on Youtube 2 years ago about Sweetune’s works.
    It’s not in English (i’m not a native speaker) nor does it include their recent works but seeing you enjoying their songs, I hope you could enjoy it as well.
    The video is titled : “Sweetune [Kpop composers]”.
    On this channel I also have multiple tops and rankings about songs, and I’ve noticed you seem to like doing the same thing as well.
    I’ve been longing to create a blog to extend the visual side of the videos, which can be frustating because they don’t allow in-depth explanations, and you actually inspire me to create one.
    Well enough of the rambling ahah.
    Have a nice day ! Hope you continue the blog ! (I may comment on some posts if I remind myself)



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  8. Love your blog! just discovered it and love all the song and greater kpop world analysis! Can’t wait to see what you think of the new SNSD and Winner songs. We have some similar tastes (I just reindulged in Crooked and Lonely which are both in my top 10 favourite kpop songs of all time, Crooked arguable number 1…and I’m seeing GD in concert next week 🙂


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