Bite-Sized Album Reviews

K-pop history is stuffed with great albums, and there’s only so many Buried Treasures and Battle of the B-sides features available to cover all these noteworthy tracks.

The album format has always been special to me. Whether it’s a full-length or mini, albums have the opportunity to tell stories and develop an act’s personal style. Occasionally, I dive in and offer in-depth track by track reviews, but sometimes a bite-sized overview is just as fun.

That’s what this feature is all about: sharing notable albums and offering some quick thoughts about what makes them tick.

B.A.P – Carnival

B.A.P - Carnival

Boyfriend – Love Style

Boyfriend - Love Style

B1A4 – What’s Happening?

B1A4 - Whats Happening

F.Cuz – Bargaining For Love

F.Cuz - Bargaining For Love

GFriend – The Awakening

GFriend - The Awakening

Golden Child – Miracle

Golden Child - Miracle

History – Desire

History - Desire

VIXX – Error

VIXX - Error

ZE:A – Illusion

ZEA - Illusion cover

100% – Time Leap

100 Percent - Time Leap

Old-Format Album Reviews:

News quartetto

News – Quartetto