Features Index

Top 3 Songs of the Month

Compiling the very best k-pop releases every single month.

Buried Treasure

Putting the focus on spectacular b-sides.

The 100 Best K-Pop Songs of All-Time

The countdown of countdowns!

In-Depth Album Reviews

Track-by-Track reviews of full and mini albums, complete with an overall score compiled by taking an average of individual track ratings.

J-Pop Round-Up

The Bias List isn’t just about K-pop. Click these bi-monthly round-ups for a host of J-pop recommendations.

Debut Re-Evaluation

Looking back at the first songs in an idol’s arsenal.

K-Pop A-Z

Bite-sized reviews posted daily, covering the entire discography of the most prolific k-pop artists — from A to Z.

Legendary Songs

Ten out of tens. All of them.

Random Shuffle Reviews

I fire up my playlist, press “shuffle,” and whatever song plays first gets the full Bias List treatment!

Best of the B-Sides

Non-title tracks that have connected with me in a big way. Korean, Japanese, Chinese… doesn’t matter.

Breaking Down the Song

Detailed, moment-by-moment breakdowns of some of my favorite K-pop and J-pop songs.

Concert Reviews/Recaps

Chronicles of my experiences seeing idol groups in their natural habitat.

K-Pop Industry Rants

Sometimes I get a little salty. Here’s your chance to enjoy all the lengthy bitching in one place!

Producer Spotlight

Because K-Pop doesn’t materialize out of thin air!

Recaps, Music Shows & Specials

Recapping and discussing all the crazy details of Korea’s biggest idol spectacles.

Summer of K-Pop

There are few things I enjoy more than a great summertime song.

Grading the K-Pop Agencies

Taking K-Pop agencies to task, year after year.

Ultimate Playlists

I’ve got the music you need for every occasion.

Great Performances

Short-lived feature spotlighting the best of the best. Maybe I’ll return to it someday?

K-Pop’s Best Albums

Detailed breakdowns of some of the industry’s best albums.

Album Reviews

A couple reviews that don’t fit anywhere else!

K-Pop Retrospectives

Videography megamixes for some of the biggest artists. Believe it or not, this dinky little project was where the seed for The Bias List was first planted!


An utter grab bag of features, for those who are feeling adventurous.