Song Review: ENHYPEN – Let Me In (20 Cube)

As is typical with Big Hit-related groups, rookies ENHYPEN are following up their title track Given-Taken with a music video for another song from their album. If it were me, I would have chosen to promote 10 Months, but I’m clearly not in charge here. Instead, the video for the mysteriously-titled Let Me In (20 Cube) has been unveiled. Despite a lighthearted sound, the song is paired with imagery seeking to further the “lore” surrounding ENHYPEN’s story. Honestly, I think Let Me In would have been better served by a simple, fun mv.

Anyways, this isn’t a video review site, so let’s talk about the music. Let me In has a reggae-inspired beat, though it’s filtered through the Big Hit machine and given a generic K-pop makeover. Still, I appreciate how the groove stays relatively consistent all the way through, pounding forward with single-minded purpose. Coupled with a simple melody, the track is catchy from the get-go. It’s all a little one-note for me, but moments of personality poke through in between the tight structure.

My biggest gripe with Let Me In has to do with the vocals. As usual, they’re processed to death, but that’s not surprising. I’m more concerned about how every member seems to sound identical. My favorite boy groups of this era (Golden Child) and years past (Infinite, SHINee) showcase a diverse set of tones and styles. You can easily discern who’s singing what, and that brings great texture and dynamism to their music. Let Me In might as well have been performed by a soloist. Rather than draw out the unique qualities of each member, the track paints their voices with the same brush. It all ends up sounding mushy and unmemorable, and that’s a shame.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.75

5 thoughts on “Song Review: ENHYPEN – Let Me In (20 Cube)

    • Good Grief, this is FRANTS?!

      I am shocked that I did not ever check the credits for ENHYPEN’s album, but somewhat happy I did not do it, because what did FRANTS’s superior ask him to do that he had to goof up?

      Also, neither the MV nor song made sense to me, which is weird, because I liked ‘Given-Taken’ minus the vocal processing (read: vocal frying).

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  1. I think the only voice I could recognize was Jungwon’s, but that was about it. I much prefer the live version. It is a pity because this song is not had at all.

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  2. They still can’t stay away from the “Yeah” button. What lyric should we use, how about “yeah yeah yeah”! (Wasn’t there an indie band called the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s! ? I think my husband has a Cd or three from them.)

    I think this one is better 2nd single choice than “10 months” because it has more meat to it. 10 months sounds like the early drafts of Boy With Luv, whereas this one is has nicer harmonies, more melodic content. Now, it still is a basic kpop song, but it is better crafted, Except for the vocal, which may as well be one singer.

    There are stories going around in the online newspapers about how AI is getting so good at crafting fake portraits of people who don’t exist. Its the aural equivalent of that. Does this lead vocal line sound exist or is it an AI sonic gamish of all of their voices so that it is at the same time all of them and none of them?

    Apparently Mr Smiley Hanbin is doing well, or well enough – Big Hit had him on the set list for a song or two for their new years concert. idk if Big Hit is still doing that concert, but nice to see Mr Smiley is still all smiles.

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