Song Review: Treasure – My Treasure

YG Entertainment’s Treasure blitzed the K-pop market last year with the release of three singles. Throughout this process, they developed a malleable hip-hop sound, though many of their tracks had challenges bringing together disparate genres in a compelling way. For the release of their first full album, the guys have opted for a lighter, more pop-informed style. My Treasure bounds along sunshine and rainbows, coming across like a splashy number from some imaginary K-pop musical.

I’m definitely not against this approach, especially given the Treasure members’ age. It’s nice to hear them tackle something unabashedly youthful, even though this genre probably isn’t the sort of thing most of them would choose to listen to. I also appreciate the focus on the group’s vocalists, who feel like an underused part of the ‘Treasure sound.’ However, I wish My Treasure didn’t come across as so lightweight. Its brassy undertones have the celebratory pulse of a K-pop Christmas song, yet lack the weight and impact to make the final product soar. I would have made this element more prominent in the mix and added a generous dose of bass to fill out the lower end.

On the plus side, there are parts of My Treasure’s chorus that I really like, especially its second half. A song of this style thrives upon rhythm, and the track is at its best when it embraces funk over saccharine sweetness. After a jarring and needless post-chorus breakdown, My Treasure finds its footing and builds toward a lofty crescendo. Still, being a connoisseur of this bright style of boy group K-pop, it’s hard not to compare Treasure to earlier triumphs from other groups. TXT’s Blue Hour did disco strings better, and UP10TION’s Tonight nailed this exact vibe with much more panache and personality.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25

9 thoughts on “Song Review: Treasure – My Treasure

  1. For me, something about this song sounds so 2014 to me, height of the 2nd gen. I suppose it is clever, so that Treasure can fully occupy a sound scape that has been left fallow for a few years.

    The song once again shows off their wide and deep vocal line. Almost all of them get enough singing lines, including my personal dark horse bias Mashiho. Yedam of course gets the most, my guy, Yedam. (I can’t call him a boy anymore.) This group has so many vocalists in it, it should almost be two smaller groups.

    That second verse tempo change, oof. Who thought this was a good idea? This was in Nick’s top ten things not to do in 2021. A sudden lurch from fourth gear to first gear with a beginning stick shift driver. Someone here knows how to edit these things out easily – I believe a tidy snip, a tidy elision for about 15 seconds, would solve that problem. I could get my in house tech support on it too, aka sonny boy.

    Rating is about right.

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  2. I adore this song, it’s so bright and happy. And yes, I’m getting big musical vibes which may explain my bias here. Only thing that trips me up is the rap part which at least went for something different (I’m reaching for a positive here). Honestly, the third rapper’s part matched with the actual instrumental blew the former two’s out of the water. Still, by the time we’re in the second half I’ve largely forgotten it happened and the music takes me. This is a 9/10 for me. Not sure where this ranks with I Love You yet, and Going Crazy is still #1, but this song is going right on the playlist.

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  3. I really like this type of sound, the strings are a really nice especially, but I agree that it doesn’t quite stand out. It feels like I’ve heard this exact song before, but with more memorable melodies. The postchorus breakdown is extremely jarring in a song like this. Just..never do that again, please, producers.


  4. Generally agree with your assessment, though the post-chorus breakdown gets a bit (just a bit) of a pass from me – moving to a triplet feel, rather than simply axing the tempo in half, is at least a novel move.


  5. much better than the previous songs, but it still a bit standard to me …. like other yg songs, nothing special. nothing new. and the party/chorus (a little retro) make more this song like … nothing new. It’s trendy, but also nothing new. this song is just following the trend, and too safe/standard for me. BUT THIS SONG IS THE BEST SONG FROM THEM, along with Going Crazy (also don’t try to push going crazy, nothing that special about this song as well). Treasure is survivor ofc (after many flop title tracks, they manage to survive with better song). They’re gonna be top group in future.


  6. It’s a solid 7 for me. Nothing new, I hope it felt more ‘YG’, it’s light and easy to listen to but something to spice it up won’t hurt. Also, this sounds like a boy group version of Twice to me especially the rap parts, which is nice, for me.


  7. It goes along very smooth, but does not surprise me with anything. It is just unusual because their past releases have always taken an interesting turn. Not that the song is not interesting- it is just a clearly different vibe from their past releases. Overall, I liked the message of this upbeat song, but I prefer the more hip hop based style of song for them. (The chorus really stands out though- shout out to the vocalists.)


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