Song Review: ONEUS – Shut Up 받고 Crazy Hot!

ONEUS - Shut Up 받고 Crazy Hot!ONEUS don’t seem to know the meaning of the word “hiatus,” as they’ve stuffed their time between comebacks with a new project. ONEUS Theatre acts as a platform for performance-oriented videos, already encompassing several routines from years past. This time, the guys have delivered an entire song. Shut Up 받고 Crazy Hot has been kicking around for several years now, known under its original title – um… “Shut Up 받고 Crazy Ho.” I can see why they opted to change that last word!

In this case, the track has been remixed for official release, and is all the stronger for it. Given its nature as a performance showcase, I assumed Shut Up would be more bluster and bombast than full-fledged song, but there’s a surprising amount of meat on these bones.

Opening with a theatrical flourish of keys, Shut Up soon bursts into its chant-along hook. The energy is immense, and a lot of fun. I wish the first half of each verse didn’t lobotomize the tempo, but at least the instrumental is consistent in this way. And when the production revs up again, it’s coupled by a breathless performance and standout pre-chorus. We’re in safe territory any time Seoho is allowed to let his vocal soar, and he pulls us into the chorus with a whopper of a power note. Shut Up 받고 Crazy Hot’s actual hook is more catchphrase than chorus, but it’s supported by a blistering intensity. The keys return to lend the track a playful vibe, underpinned by a breakneck beat that pulls no punches. It’s like a really successful Road To Kingdom stage.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 9

15 thoughts on “Song Review: ONEUS – Shut Up 받고 Crazy Hot!

  1. This is like this year’s version of “I’m like a stupid … swimming (swimming, swimming)” with a crazy stupid catch phrase that is so bad its good.
    “Shut up, I go crazy hot” (or how it sounds to me)

    Yes, it’s time to pull out my English lyric ranking list again! Oh, its been in hiding for so many months! This one is graded “A single lyric line that is so craptastic it is great”!

    The rest of the song is theatrical and distracting enough that one hardly notices that the bones of song are actually not very good. But the meat on those bones is dripping with enough secret sauce, that we shall call it Fun! And perhaps even Good!, anyway.

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  2. I think the song is best when it doesn’t abandon the energy, which happens at least twice.

    Despite that, there’s so much flair from the piano, the various layered parts, the bursts of synths at times. The chorus is also decent even if it is carried by that nice piano loop. I like it, it’s theatrical enough that I can forgive the two bad parts.

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  3. I honestly the video had me worried. Even when the keys in the beginning came I thought ” nah, they’re gonna ditch this and do some come back home, basquiat stuff”. I was really happy to be proven wrong. It’s really repetitive so I’m don’t know how much I’ll come back to it, but it’s one of my favorite oneus tracks atm

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  4. I love this and if it’s not released on Apple Music so I can add it to my bangers playlist it will be a tragedy approaching ATEEZ “Black Cat Nero”. WTF is going on with that piano? I love it.

    I’m a sucker for the Mad Max aesthetic in the video, though the similarities to PENTAGON’s “Basquiat” (which I also love) were a little distracting in places, particularly Ravn holding the chains at the beginning and Leedo’s … shirt?… The song is a touch too goofy to allow “Basquiat” levels of self-seriousness, though, which keeps the similarities from bugging me too much.

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  5. Wow I did not expect you to review this!🤗

    I really loved this – almost wished it was a comeback as this is the sort of song that can keep up its momentum throughout the month for me and at the least be in contention for top 5 till the end…. But seeing how jam packed August is I’m glad it’s not a cb 😂

    The song is crazy and fun! And the choreo was really impressive for me! As someone else said in the comments here, it was pretty unhinged and somehow I love how they just made it work!

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  6. You’re kidding with this review right?? I’m seriously starting to question your taste in music tbh. I read your review on ‘no diggity’ and it’s hilarious how you think this is a better song. At this point I read your reviews simply because it’s funny how different your views are from mine.

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