Great Performances: Sungkyu & Woohyun – The Day The Sun Rises

Sungkyu & Woohyun - The Day The Sun RisesWhen it comes to kpop, it’s easy to focus solely on the glossy and creative music videos, but kpop stars and groups have also been giving us amazing live performances year after year. For the first entry in my Great Performances feature, I had to start with Infinite. I’m sure I’ll spotlight more than a few of their epic performances as the months go on, but today I want to make sure you’ve all had the chance to experience Sungkyu and Woohyun’s cover of The Day The Sun Rises.

Performed in 2012 as part of the musical variety show Immortal Song, The Day The Sun Rises was originally recorded by trot singer Song Dae Kwan. For those who don’t know, trot is a traditional Korean pop genre, characterized by its singalong quality and unique vocal tones and intonation. The great thing about Sun as a song is that, melodically, it could pass for folk music from almost any country or culture. It has an incredibly warm, universal feeling to it, and a hook that lodges itself firmly in your brain in the best way possible.

As the main vocals (and my favorite two members) of Infinite, Sungkyu and Woohyun deliver this song with incredible passion and vocal flavor. Fans have been longing for an official sub-unit between the two of them for years, and once you watch this video you’ll realize why. Their vocal tones, which are almost completely opposite, compliment each other perfectly, and the rousing stage presence and bombast they’re able to give this song really pushes the performance over the edge. The choir-like background vocals and fun handkerchief choreography break only adds flavor. In short, it’s an stirring, take-me-to-church moment. By the time the balloons come falling down and those high notes start flying, you’ll be jumping out of your seat.


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