News – Touch


News - TouchLet’s get the strange stuff out of the way first. The concept of this song is “finger love,” as the guys remind us over and over again in English. I know what they mean, but I can’t help but feel that this phrase’s more…adult… connotations were lost in translation!

Now on to the song, because it’s another great one from News. I want to start with the production side of things, because I’m absolutely enamored with the synth work throughout the track. In fact, I keep doubting myself as to whether it’s actually synth or some other instrument. It’s given an incredibly warm, organic filter and, more importantly, functions in the same way a bluesy harmonica or saxophone accompaniment would. Ir’s a constant factor in the background, but doesn’t necessarily follow a set pattern. Instead, we get the feeling of improvisation, which feels really novel in a pop song like this. It’s on its own journey throughout the song, accenting the verses in a way that gives the track an old-school pop sound.

As wonderful as the synth work is, the song’s real knockout point is the bubblegum chorus, which is memorable from the first listen. It’s a sunny melody, highlighted by breathy falsetto and singalong refrain. It feels more subdued that most of News’ output, and definitely more than most jpop. I can’t help but feel it was released a few months earlier than it should have been, because every little production choice brings to mind spring and summer. It’s a very welcome sound in the midst of ballad-heavy winter, and the best track I’ve heard so far this January.

 Hooks  9
 Production  9
 Longevity  9
 Bias  10
 RATING  9.25

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