Intro to BEAST: Kpop Retrospective

Beast RetrospectiveBeast are a six-member boy group who made their debut in October of 2009 with Cube Entertainment. Since then, they’ve been at the forefront of the hallyu wave as one of the biggest Korean groups — male of female. As far as bias, the guys have some of my favorite personalities of all idol groups (and are really anything but beastly!). Ever since rapper/composer Junhyung started taking over writing and production duties around 2013, their music has become super solid (even though 2015 was a bit of an off year, at least domestically). Even before that, their singles run has been pretty flawless.

As far as their general sound goes, I’d say it’s a mix between urban production and pop melodies. It often has a darker, more dramatic sound, though there are definitely exceptions.

As a group, they’ve enjoyed four number one charting tracks, with 2011’s modern classic Fiction their highest selling song digitally. My favorite album of there’s is 2014’s Good Luck, which is just really perfection from start to finish.

Interested? Watch the video below for The Bias List‘s overview of their awesome videography!


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