Intro to NINE MUSES: Kpop Retrospective

Nine MusesNine Muses are a girl group active under Star Empire. Depending on the stage of their career, the group has consisted of between six and nine members. As of 2016, they’re an eight-person group. For much of their discography, they’ve worked with production team Sweetune. This has given them a remarkably consistent singles run, even if they’ve never been able to break into the top tier among girl groups. Even so, they’re one of my favorites — especially their Sweetune stuff.

Lately, the girls have been working with an assortment of different producers and songwriters, to various degrees of success. Their highest charting single was last year’s Drama, though their biggest seller was 2012’s News. In my opinion, some of their best songs have actually been some of their lowest-charting. They’ve only released one full album, but five mini-albums (with more on the way this year).

Interested? Watch the video below for The Bias List‘s overview of their awesome videography!

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