Song Review: History – Queen

history queen kpopAs soon as History’s Queen music video began, with its jackhammer racket of electronic noise and played out saxophone sample, my eyes glazed over and I nearly turned it off. I railed about this exact production trend a few weeks ago with Beast’s new Japanese single. It’s very hard to remain objective about a song that chains itself so directly to the exact kpop trends I wish were extinct… but I’ll try.

After all, History are an amazing group with a very solid discography. They started off presenting a much more melodic style of dance music, culminating in the excellent Psycho from 2014. Since then, they’ve explored their hip-hop side more and more, which unfortunately has minimized melody in favor of beat. And Queen is all about beat. It has no chorus, unless you count the muttered whisper that takes place during the repeated saxophone break. I don’t.

It’s hard for me to review a song without a chorus, since it feels more like reviewing a dance showcase. I can say that I think the spoken refrain would have been stronger had the saxophone been completely removed. A sleeker, less-trap oriented beat would have given the track a sexier, darker vibe. Instead, it comes off sounding like a hundred other songs, most notably Jason Derulo’s Talk Dirty. Every positive, interesting step the song takes is undercut by unnecessary noise. This is a problem I have with the trap genre in general, and Queen does nothing to alleviate it. Even when the track moves to a more energetic break beat about two thirds through, it comes off as too scattershot to make much of an impression. It’s a shame, because there are some interesting ideas hidden underneath all the clutter.

 Hooks  5
 Production  6
 Longevity 7
 Bias  6


3 thoughts on “Song Review: History – Queen

  1. well, I think there are a few good points in this. I realized the word bias in the url, so I’m looking at my opinion and am not offended at all. I think that the creative part you’re talking about is pretty noisy. I personally like this genre, but if they toned down the sax part a bit I think it would be better. It does kind of seem like Jason Derulo. Here is some noise:
    It’s by history


    • and I would consider the whispered part a chorus, because it is repeated, and that is pretty much the definition of a chorus.


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