Song Review: Park Boram – Dynamic Love

park boram - dynamic love

Many idols thrive on a larger than life stage image, but you never really feel that with Park Boram. She has a unique, conversational style that feels more like she’s sitting across from you in a coffee shop talking about her day. While this likely attracts many listeners looking for something more personal and relatable in their kpop, it doesn’t make Dynamic Love particularly interesting or… well… dynamic.

I fully surrender to the fact that my lukewarm reaction to the track is a matter of personal taste. Those looking for a chill, acoustic based midtempo song will find much to love here. Boram’s light voice is as pleasant as ever, but for me the entire song is just too monotone. Her duet with Block B’s Park Kyung became one of my favorite tracks of last year, and I think having the male counterpoint there really helped to give the song some added thrust and interest. Dynamic Love isn’t all that different in structure, performed in a laidback, sing-songy style, but it ends up sounding a bit too sleepy for its own good. It’s missing a sense of playfulness, especially when disconnected from the music video.

I’m interested in Boram’s choice to move to a more singer-songwriter production style. She found great success with 2014’s funky Beautiful, but couldn’t quite match that level of commercial clout with the full on pop of last year’s Celepretty. In some ways, Dynamic Love feels like a dialing back of the musical quirkiness. It’s simply too safe for her.

 Hooks  6
 Production  5
 Longevity 6
 Bias  5
 RATING  5.5


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