Song Review: ZE:A J – Just Tonight

ZEA J - Just TonightIf there’s any male group that deserves a full-fledged comeback, it’s got to be ZE:A. They’ve never been able to totally break into the a-list as a unit, despite a highly underrated discography and some very notable members. And now that their cohesion as a group seems to be somewhat fractured, it looks like we’ll have to make do with a new track from their Japanese sub-unit, which itself is down to three members currently.

ZE:A J’s last few singles were pretty forgettable, but Just Tonight has some bite to it. The strumming acoustic rhythm guitar recalls Justin Timberlake’s solo debut, and that acts as a pretty accurate representation of the era the guys are mining here. Parts of the track feel hopelessly uncool and dated, but ZE:A itself has always been a little on the cheesy side. Importantly, though, the song floats by on a catchy (if simple) pop melody. While the verses don’t leave much of an impact, the smooth, two-pronged chorus is a winner. Its irresistible “ooh, I’m sorry” refrain quickly becomes the track’s hallmark, lingering in the listener’s mind long after Just Tonight is finished.

What ultimately holds the song back is its generic, workmanlike approach. While it hits all the right notes, it feels like it could have been performed by just about any Korean boy group and come out sounding pretty much the same. ZE:A was never a group with one identifiable sound (which is probably one reason why they’ve struggled), but sub-units should be used to narrow in on something unique that the group as a whole is unable to do. Just Tonight is a fun piece of pop, and definitely enjoyable, but I don’t think anyone would call it unique.

 Hooks  8
 Production  7
 Longevity 7
 Bias  7
 RATING  7.25


One thought on “Song Review: ZE:A J – Just Tonight

  1. The highlight of the track for me is the rap segment, Heecheol part is really distinctive and blunt cause Minwoo and Taehoon aren’t there to coat it and give it a “softer” feeling. I am already really excited about his solo song and how it will turn out.
    Dongjun part stood out as well and I love the Chorus so much and the dance segment.
    the good thing is that “Just Tonight” seems like a big step towards finding a unique sound to this subgroup, also pushing Heechul a bit more, he always seemed comfortable to be a side player, but starting now he seems to step up his game with the absence of the other 2 rappers.

    I sadly have to agree with what you said regarding the whole group, they deserve a full comeback carrying the same concept as “Ghost of The Wind” and on the sweeter side “Step by Step”, if they carried that I think it will give them some sort of identity. They are a group of down to earth lovely people who go by their true personalities and really talented, “Ghost of the wind” era represented that very well, however, as much as I would love a full come back, it feels like Siwan will be so out of place, Hyungsik didn’t lose his idol boyish feel, Kwanghee still has that desire to be on stage,but Siwan turned into full on actor.


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