Song Review: Babylon – Crush On You (ft. Lil Boi)

Babylon - Crush On You (ft. Lil' Boi)R&B crooner Babylon has featured on some pretty big hits, but has yet to fully break out as a solo artist. His voice is one half Taeyang and one half G.Soul, which works to both his advantage and detriment. Crush On You (처음 본 여자는 다 예뻐) does a fine job showcasing those vocals, yet doesn’t go far enough in distinguishing him as a completely unique artist.

The song moves forward at a languid pace, perched somewhere between ballad and slow-jam. It’s a sound that has worked well for many solo male artists in the past, and Babylon pulls it off just as nicely. His voice is smooth and emotive, more than capable of anchoring the wistful verses. The touch of falsetto in the chorus is particularly effective, allowing the track to momentarily soar before returning to a steadier approach. I wish there was a touch of something unexpected, but it’s hard to argue with the results. It’s like ordering your favorite meal at a restaurant. You know what you’re getting, and it goes down easy each time it’s repeated.

Still, I’m not sure that this approach is enough to maintain Babylon’s popularity in the long run. Apart from his propensity for crooning his own name over the first couple of seconds of each track, Crush On You could have been delivered by many artists. Lil’ Boi injects some G-Dragon-esque flavor during his brief verses, but it would have been awesome to hear Babylon himself swoop in with something completely memorable and ear-catching.

 Hooks  7
 Production  7
 Longevity 7
 Bias  7

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