The Top Ten Best Songs by BROWN EYED GIRLS

Top Ten Best Songs By BROWN EYED GIRLSThe name Brown Eyed Girls conjures the image of a fierce, boundary-pushing girl group who has transformed their soulful roots into an avant garde blend of pop influences. Though not always accessible enough to find overwhelming mainstream success in the k-pop world, their most popular tracks have become modern classics. More importantly, no Korean girl group is willing to go where they will, making them a vital force in the Hallyu wave. They’ve had a string of great title tracks. Which one is their best?

10. L.O.V.E (2008)

The girls’ 2008 singles all had a similar sound to them, but L.O.V.E packs the most punch with its thumping dance beat and harmonized hook.

9. Hot Shot (2011)

Taking a detour with a Latin-influenced sound, Hot Shot‘s brassy shuffle feels unique to their discography and k-pop as a whole.

8. Sign (2009)

With its insistent beat and icy synths, Sign powers forward with a pleading, almost desperate melody. Its raw emotion defies language.

7. Hold The Line (ft. Cho PD) (2006)

The earliest indication that the girls could release something beyond the neo-soul they specialized in. Its sunny chorus and bright beat remains one of their poppiest moments.

6. Kill Bill (2013)

Anchored by a whistling synth hook, Kill Bill effortless melds dance-pop sparkle with spaghetti western motifs as only the girls could.

5. Warm Hole (2015)

A deliriously fun 60’s throwback with a decidedly bawdy, Brown Eyed Girls twist. Still, it’s all about that instantly singable chorus.

4. Sixth Sense (2011)

Brown Eyed Girls’ biggest sounding track, with its symphonic backing and thundering drum beat. The girls’ voices sounded just as gargantuan, layered in a powerful, combative tidal wave.

3. Magic (2010)

No official music video for this one, but how could I leave out the one single Sweetune produced for the girls? As expected, it’s a soaring piece of pop magic, with an enormous chorus to die for.

2. Brave New World (2015)

A breathtaking reinvention of 70’s disco, Brave New World‘s art house style and sense of widescreen adventure cement it as one of their absolute best. Fearlessly inventive, the track swirls with boundary-pushing pop stardust. Its groove-infused string section alone is worthy of celebration.

1. Abracadabra (2009)

Few girl group songs have been as enduring or influential as Abracadabra. From its new wave-inspired bridge to the instantly recognizable electro beat, it’s the group’s most iconic moment and a highlight of k-pop’s 2009 releases. In fact, it sounds just as fresh now as it did then, thanks to its absolutely flawless production and jackhammer hook.



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