Song Review: Cha Ji Yeon x LDN Noise – My Show

Cha Ji Yeon x LDN Noise - My ShowAlong with the rest of their artists’ music, SM’s Station project has seen an interesting shift towards the 90’s house genre. Starting as primarily a showcase for their roster of musicians to deliver one-off ballads, we’ve gotten to the point where a song like My Show sees an in-house producer pairing with a musical actress for what sounds like a forgotten club track from two decades ago.

I appreciate the move away from ballads, but it’s hard to get overly excited over what seems to be only the latest in an endless line of songs that all sound basically the same. That’s not to say that My Show isn’t a quality piece. In fact, it nails the genre perfectly and offers more than a few thrills of its own. It’s just that it’s totally expected. LDN Noise have written/produced some of the best k-pop songs of the last year (I mean, View, Dumb Dumb, Lucky One…?) and their sound is actually more diverse than what a song like My Show pigeonholes them into.

Still, as a non-promoted track, SM could do a lot worse. My Show does distinguish itself a bit through its freewheeling nature. The song moves at breakneck speed, bouncing from wall to wall on its helium-warped vocals and effortless sense of syncopated rhythm. I’m not too familiar with Cha Ji Yeon’s work in the past, but I have to imagine this is a new genre for her. If so, she pulls off the various tropes flawlessly, her unrestrained vocals cut and looped with skillful precision. It’s very easy to appreciate. I just wish I was able to fall in love with it just as strongly.

 Hooks  7
 Production  8
 Longevity 7
 Bias  7
 RATING  7.25


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