Designing a Comeback: The Perfect INFINITE Album

InfiniteI’m a wishful sort of music listener, often finding myself wanting to jump in and help guide my favorite artists when it comes to choice of material and concept. I guess that’s pretty much describes any fan, right?

With Infinite’s comeback looming around the corner, I thought it would be fun to imagine a situation where I could wish for whatever type of release I wanted, free of the constraints that reality puts on these artists or companies.

With that said, here’s my design for the perfect Infinite comeback:

Format: Full-length, double album, similar to what Shinee did in 2013 with their Misconceptions series — except released simultaneously. Double title tracks, one from each disc.

Concept: Light and Dark

Disc One would be full of uptempo, summery material that hearkens back to their earlier days. It would include productions from Sweetune, Youngbae & Iggy, and C-no (who co-produced the fantastic Moonlight from their last mini album). The sound would be self-referential in many ways, but with enough maturity that it would also fit the group as they are now. Title track would be that trademark Sweetune song we’ve been missing.

Disc Two would feature edgier material, substantially upping their symphonic, rock and even EDM sides. Producers Rphabet would take the lead here, as they have for Infinite’s last few singles, but I would also love to hear what composers like Yoo Young-Jin or even Black Eyed Pilseung could give them. Title track would be a hybrid of Back and Destiny, but even bigger and more theatrical in execution.

Solos would be spread somewhat evenly over the two discs, with Sungjong, Sungyeol and L tackling the lighter side of things, and Sungkyu, Woohyun, Hoya and Dongwoo bringing the darkness.

Music Video: We’d have two, and they could be interconnected. For the darker side, I’d love to see the guys head back to an image similar to their Back video, but with more of a futuristic fantasy element — maybe even anime or action-adventure inspired. For the lighter concept, Infinite has always hit the summer sound and visual especially well. I would pull back on the styling in favor of something more natural, and keep the video simple but fun, maybe shot on the piers of California or Coney Island, with a road trip theme. Something where we really get to see their personalities. Maybe this is the reality to the darker video’s virtual world, and the two could subtly weave in and out in terms of visuals or mirrored shots?

That’s my take. What’s your perfect Infinite comeback?


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