The Top Ten Best Album Tracks by BTS

Top Ten Best Songs By BTSAs a companion to my Top Ten Singles lists, it’s time to look at some of the best album tracks and b-sides from the best artists. BTS have become known as true albums artists, ensuring that the quality of their work goes far beyond their title tracks. Here are ten of the best examples.

Honorable Mentions:

Silver Spoon
Love Is Not Over (full version)

10. Miss Right (from Skool Luv Affair Special Edition – 2014)

BTS at their smoothest, taking their hip-hop/r&b sound and melding it to a warm pop melody highlighted by a bed of gorgeous harmonies.


9. Hip Hop Lover (from Dark & Wild – 2014)

As the title suggests, Hip Hop Lover is — above all else — an ode to BTS’s favorite genre. But its sinuous melodic hook ensures that it becomes more than a simple tribute.

8. Ma City (from The Most Beautiful Moment In Life (Part Two) – 2015)

With a bluesy guitar as its through-line, Ma City brings a welcome sense of classic psychedelic to the group’s already potent brew.

7. Whalien 52 (from The Most Beautiful Moment In Life (Part Two) – 2015)

With one of the group’s most interesting and unique concepts, Whalien 52 carries surprising emotional heft, underlined with a pitched vocal sample that gives the song an effective sense of urgency.

6. If I Ruled The World (from O!RUL8,2? – 2013)

An early career highlight, the melodic 90’s throwback of If I Ruled The World stands as one of the group’s catchiest moments.

5. Butterfly (from The Most Beautiful Moment In Life (Part Two) – 2015)

Forming the backbone to their Most Beautiful Moment In Life (Part Two) album teaser, Butterfly’s ultra-emotive melody already feels like a BTS classic.

4. Look Here (from Dark & Wild – 2014)

Though it feels like the k-pop equivalent to Thicke’s 2013 mega-hit Blurred Lines, it’s impossible to resist Look Here’s slinky, percussive charm.

3. Converse High (from The Most Beautiful Moment In Life (Part One) – 2015)
The breezy funk of Converse High presents some of the group’s most addictively catchy hip-hop verses, tied together by a smooth chorus that takes full advantage of their vocal line’s trademark sound.

2. Let Me Know (from Dark & Wild – 2014)

Spotlighting some incredible vocal work, the moody Let Me Know remains one of BTS’s most musically mature works. More than any of their other output that year, it forged a path towards the mega-successful sound they would refine in 2015.

1. Boyz With Fun (from The Most Beautiful Moment In Life (Part One) – 2015)

If ever a BTS album track deserved to be a full-on single, it’s Boyz With Fun. The group is at their best when they’re allowed to fuse their personality to a boisterous explosion of aural charm. Here, we’ve got one of their most addictive melodies, delivered with an incredibly lively, funk-influenced production.



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