Song Review: MIXX – Love Is A Sudden

mixx-love-is-a-suddenLove is a sudden…. what?? English grammar aside, MIXX gave us a surprisingly solid track last May with the slick Oh Ma Mind. And come to think of it, they gave us some wonky grammar as well! They are the classic example of an under-the-radar rookie group, releasing very little actual music but hoping that something will miraculously stick. Luck and good timing are elusive in the k-pop world, and MIXX’s chances at breaking through hinge on both.

Unfortunately, Love Is A Sudden (사랑은 갑자기) doesn’t work for me. While I appreciated their subtle, mellow approach last year, it feels like a direct rewrite this time around. It’s also a case of diminished returns, as the melody is missing one distinct hook that could have set it apart. Instead, the song floats along on a repetitive chorus that tires quickly. I like that the girls have stuck with this 90’s r&b/pop sound, but Love Is A Sudden lacks energy. I guess that’s the point, but even if delivered in a nonchalant manner, the melody could still go to some interesting places. Its inability to break free from its relatively flat refrain really limits its impact.

I’ve never been a fan of music you put on in the background, or songs you bob your head to without really engaging with any further. I like to feel like a track is grabbing me by the collar and yanking me forward. In the end, MIXX’s brand of low key throwback pop just probably isn’t for me. But hopefully it can be for someone, because every rookie group deserves to find success.

 Hooks  5
 Production  6
 Longevity 5
 Bias  5
 RATING  5.25


2 thoughts on “Song Review: MIXX – Love Is A Sudden

  1. Oh Ma Mind was one of my favourite songs from last year and I like that they’ve released another chilled out groove. I have a lot of respect for what you say here – this new track is pretty damn similar to Oh Ma Mind…

    But as for me I’m not quiiiite sick of this sound yet especially since I don’t know any other groups releasing songs like this. It’s just different enough to be fresh for me but maybe another song like this might get me tired of them.

    I hope they get to do another release this year, whatever it may be. Thanks for reviewing it!


    • Yeah, it really is just a personal taste thing. This sound is just not really for me, but kudos to the girls for sticking with it and trying to craft a musical identity for themselves!


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