Song Review: Mixx – Oh Ma Mind

Mixx - Oh Ma MindI know next to nothing about newly debuted girl group Mixx, but Oh Ma Mind ended up sounding much different than I’d expected it to. This alone is a welcome surprise, given the cut-and-paste concepts most rookie groups tend to tackle.

Like Brave Girls’ Deepened from earlier in the year, Oh Ma Mind straddles the line between several genres, making it hard to classify. It’s essentially mid-tempo, but the beat has much more bounce and spirit than most tracks of this ilk. There’s some funky, vaguely tropical, electronics at work, which give the song a laidback summer vibe that will surely act as an effective counterpoint to the more bombastic party tracks we’ll be bombarded with over the next few months. Nothing about the melody is particularly gripping, but it captured my attention throughout. The hooks are subtle, but effectively teased out by that warm instrumental.

On the critical side, the song is so chill that it doesn’t really allow the girls to show any personality. After listening, and watching the video, I wasn’t even certain how many members were in Mixx. I can’t imagine that this is the desired effect, though I guess it does stand as a testament to how well the members’ vocals blend. Still, this chill girl group sound is unlike anything idol rookies are releasing of late, so if Mixx can build on it, they might be able to set themselves up as a uniquely subdued pop unit. Oh Ma Mind is a surprisingly strong step in that direction.

 Hooks  7
 Production  8
 Longevity 8
 Bias  7
 RATING  7.5

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