The Top Ten Best Songs by SECRET

Few k-pop groups have embraced a retro sound as wholeheartedly as Secret. Though they haven’t released any new material since 2014, they were a huge presence in the girl group landscape from 2010-2012 and have since gone on to have successful solo careers. While we wait (impatiently) for a reunion, here are their best title tracks.

10. Twinkle Twinkle (2012)

For Secret’s Japanese material, the group took a more classically j-pop route. Twinkle Twinkle bursts forward on electric guitar and a peppy, upbeat melody.

9. I Do I Do (2013)

Melding bubblegum pop melodies with a brassy, orchestral flourish, I Do I Do casts a wistful filter over the girls’ trademark sound.

8. Shy Boy (2011)

Shy Boy took the girls’ retro sound and repositioned it to appeal to k-pop’s love affair with the light and cute. It’s a surreal blend of doo-wop and aegyo.

7. Yoo Hoo (2013)

Drenched in fizzy synths and strings, the bubbly lightness of Yoo Hoo is Secret at their brightest and most girlishly pop.

6. Poison (2012)

With its wall-of-sound brass and dramatic saxophone riff, Poison reinvents Secret’s earlier material in mature, world-conquering fashion.

5. Love Is Move (2011)

Powered by an addictive dose of surf guitar, Love Is Move bristles with undeniable pop energy that utilizes the girls’ retro influences in the most uplifting way.

4. Magic (2010)

Bopping along a brassy groove, Magic gave Secret their own niche within the k-pop landscape while providing one of the group’s stickiest hooks.

3. I’m In Love (2014)

Though it was released three years ago, I’m In Love is Secret’s latest single, and a potent distillation of every element that makes the group so successful.

2. Talk That (2012)

Talk That’s restrained electro disco beat and harmonic melody may not be one of the group’s most boisterous productions, but its sleek sound has stood the test of time.

1. Madonna (2010)

Following up on Magic’s brass-driven production, Madonna upped the ante with a veritable army of horns backing its explosive chorus. It cemented Secret as a group to be reckoned with, careening from one energetic hook to another with attitude to spare.


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