Song Review: S.I.S – I’ve Got A Feeling

Beyond the steady stream of debut groups from known agencies, there exists a whole other shadow world of k-pop rookies who spring from agencies too small to offer much promotion. These groups are often saddled with a minuscule production budget and a debut track by unknown composers. Their chances at long-term success are very minimal, but every once and awhile one of these acts breaks through and elevates their entire company in the process. S.I.S’s I’ve Got A Feeling (느낌이 와) is likely too generic to have that effect for them, but it’s still a solid first step.

Rather than focus too strongly on production trends, I’ve Got A Feeling draws its strength from the classic melody that powers its chorus. The girls strive for an innocent persona, but rather than pursue the high-pitched, aegyo-infused style that seems to become more prominent by the day, they deliver a light, airy vocal performance that lends the song a sweet, almost nostalgic appeal.

Though the instrumental’s pulsing beat classifies I’ve Got A Feeling as a dance track, its structure more closely recalls a ballad. The verses have a chugging power that builds towards the euphoric chorus. While I wish the song would explode even more than it does, the wispy layering of the girls’ voices lends the hook an unexpected heft that makes it feel more anthemic than you might expect. I’ve Got A Feeling is missing that one unique element that would help it stand out as a notable debut, but the complete package is much stronger than groups of this caliber usually give us. Against all odds, S.I.S may just turn out to be a rookie to watch.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8



2 thoughts on “Song Review: S.I.S – I’ve Got A Feeling

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