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K-Pop A-Z: Infinite – Nothing’s Over

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Nothing’s Over (from Inspirit – 2011)

Sweetune are at their best when they go ultra-melodic, and Nothing’s Over is one of their essential tracks. From the opening, piano-accented beat to the soaring melodies that make up the chorus, the song is life-affirming pop music at its very best. Though it wasn’t the very first Infinite song I had heard, it was the first to utterly capture me. Coming at the height of autotuned, staccato k-pop dance influences, Nothing’s Over was a breath of fresh air — a song driven so completely by its warm sense of upbeat melody that it felt like a long-lost classic on the very first listen. It has a sense of effortlessness about it, deepened by some absolutely incredible vocal moments and a killer key change.

 Hooks 10
 Production 10
 Longevity 10
 Bias 10



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