The Top Ten Best Songs by SEO IN YOUNG

Starting her career as a member of girl group Jewelry, Seo In Young soon branched out as a solo artist. Over the course of a decade, she’s established a diverse discography, moving between dancefloor anthems and torch ballads with ease. She also possesses one of the most unique vocal tones in all of k-pop. There’s no mistaking a Seo In Young track. Here are her best.

10. I Want You (2007)

A Latin-tinged debut that cast Seo In Young as an attitude-driven pop/r&b diva. Its glossy mid-tempo bounce is fun, even if it’s very much a product of its time.

9. Written As Love, Sung As Pain (2010)

Cresting along a Broadway-ready melody, Written As Love was Young’s first big ballad single. It’s OST-ready, and does an excellent job showing off her unique vocal tone.

8. Cinderella (2008)

Driven by a distorted electro beat, Cinderella takes the autotune trend of its era and wraps it around a vampy, candy-coated refrain.

7. Let’s Break Up (2013)

A soft, acoustic-guitar ballad, Let’s Break Up is made essential by Young’s impassioned vocals. Break Up has the emotive storytelling of a great country song — a rarity for mainstream k-pop.

6. Love Me (ft. Gaeko) (2013)

Given a breezy r&b makeover with the assist of Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko, Love Me bounces along the stickiest groove of Young’s career.

5. Let’s Dance (2012)

Taking a retro approach, Let’s Dance’s synth beat injected a welcome sense of funk into Young’s repertoire. It’s one of her most effortlessly confident dance tracks.

4. Into The Rhythm (2010)

Previewing her transformation into a dance floor diva, Into The Rhythm wrings every last bit of life from its simple, soaring refrain. The song coasts on a non-stop series of dynamic builds.

3. Oh My Gosh (2011)

Oh My Gosh rocketed Young into the hooky, electro pop territory of 2011-12 k-pop. It feels like her Gangnam Style (before Gangnam Style was even a thing). And just like that track, its unflagging dance beat is impossible to resist.

2. Scream (2015)

With a gorgeously punky-pop tone that feels like k-pop’s answer to Cyndi Lauper, Young tackles the euphoric EDM of Scream with addictive passion. The contrast between the guitar driven verses and gargantuan, synth-sparkled chorus works wonders.

1. Anymore (2012)

Working with YG Entertainment’s producer Kush proved to be the perfect match for Anymore. The song surges with anthemic electro pop heft, perfectly balancing emotional catharsis with modern EDM production. In many ways, it feels like Young’s most fully-realized track, drawing influence from various stages of her career.



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