Summer comes to an end, and so does a wonderfully consistent review schedule

Well, summer isn’t actually coming to an end for another month, but summer break sure is.

In addition to being a K-pop aficionado, I’m an elementary school librarian. And this means it’s back to work on Monday. Eagle-eyed readers might have noticed that, over the past few months, I’ve been able to publish reviews pretty quickly after new songs are released. It’s been nice to get my thoughts out when the buzz of a new comeback is still at its peak. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the speediness as well.

As I move into a new schedule, reviews will likely be posted within 24 hours of a track’s debut. But, many may have to wait until the day after. It’ll be a similar timeline to the one I was working with before June.

If only the industry hadn’t moved comeback time to 6pm back in 2017! Totally screwed up my review schedule.

5 thoughts on “Summer comes to an end, and so does a wonderfully consistent review schedule

  1. Fortunately for me, your school year review times this past year lined up almost perfectly with my lunch period, so I doubt I’ll even notice the difference once school starts up. It’s better for me, too, because I don’t always get to hear songs as soon as they come out when I’m trying to hold onto some form of a sleep schedule. Good luck!

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  2. Why do I find it so cute that you are an elementary school librarian? Hahaha! Noted on the schedule, and I look forward to reading more reviews, no matter how soon you post them! (I usually like seeing your reviews even if I don’t end up listening to the song, and I’m glad you cover Jmusic as well!)


    • If only I could blast some K-pop in my library!
      I’ve made it a goal this year to feature more J-pop, though I feel like my tastes are still somewhat limited when it comes to Japan.

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