Random Shuffle Review: 2NE1 – Missing You

With over 2,300 songs on my iPhone’s “K-Pop Singles” playlist, I thought it would be fun to add a bit of unpredictability to my song review posts. So as a result, we have the “Random Shuffle Review” feature.

The rules are simple. I fire up my playlist, press “shuffle,” and whatever song plays first gets the full Bias List treatment!

Year Released: 2013

2NE1 spent their 2013 releasing one-off singles, with a promised album never materializing until the following year. Sound familiar, BLACKPINK fans?

In 2NE1’s case, this trilogy of songs displayed three distinct flavors to their sound, culminating in the disarmingly gorgeous Missing You (그리워해요). The girls had delivered ballads in the past, but none had unfolded with quite the majestic heft found here. They were undoubtedly a group maturing into their next (and sadly, last) phase.

Missing You introduces itself with sweeping harmonies and sinuous bass before moving onto a slow roil verse that uses the sound of popping bubbles as percussion. The dramatic pre-chorus offers an impressive build that results in a stripped back, piano-led refrain. It’s here that the full effect of 2NE1’s harmonies are felt. The girls had a way of cutting through the noise with their performance, conveying a piercing emotional vulnerability that few idol groups approach. This is no more apparent than during Missing You’s final moments, when the structure transforms into a stunning, harmony-led coda that feels more like a hymn than a pop song. It’s undoubtedly one of 2NE1’s finest moments, and doesn’t even need a bombastic hip-hop beat to get there.

 Hooks 9
 Production 10
 Longevity 10
 Bias 9



7 thoughts on “Random Shuffle Review: 2NE1 – Missing You

  1. No way, this song is such a disappointment. The whole first is spacey and has a great building arrangement, and you think it’s gonna be a “Back” by Infinite moment where it explodes into a badass pop song, but then it just…. becomes a stadium ballad and it’s really quite boring. Lighterwavers can be good, but this ain’t it


    • I’m surprised you don’t like it! To me, this has one of the most unique arrangements of any YG track, and uses its sparseness to its advantage. Looks like we’ll just have to disagree on this one!

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  2. This song gave me goosebumps the first time I ever heard it. You sort of already said this, but they really did have a way of conveying the exact emotions they want to make you feel so directly and sharply that it just hits you right where it counts, and I think this song is a great example of that.

    (P.S. Are you planning to review Sori’s “Touch”? It really impressed me despite my not expecting much and I’m hoping people don’t overlook it!)


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