Song Review: Yesung (Super Junior) – Pink Magic

Super Junior’s Yesung first debuted as a soloist in 2016, and pretty much all of his Korean work has gone down the same emotional ballad route. He’s an excellent vocalist, for sure, but my favorite Yesung track is actually 2017’s Splash, an uptempo J-pop single that positioned him as an easy-listening, funk-pop performer. Thankfully, Pink Magic brings a similar style to his Korean discography. Its amiable sound won’t set the industry on fire, but it’s a welcome departure from the melancholic work that has weighted him down in the past.

Written by a cavalcade of composers (most notably Ryan S. Jhun), Pink Magic has a breezy, uncluttered arrangement. It takes influence from the mid-to-late 80’s, delivering a synth-fueled instrumental that feels at once hazy and buoyant. This aesthetic suits the summer months well, though not in the same bombastic way as a song like Cosmic Girls’ Boogie Up. Each of the track’s elements feels refined, including Yesung’s smooth, slyly confident performance. There aren’t any climactic peaks or breathtaking builds, but Pink Magic gets by on classic pop song craft.

The track’s verses are largely forgettable, but I like how they set up the bubbly chorus. You almost have to have a more subdued beginning to get the full rush of Magic’s funk guitar-fueled hook. The melody here feels instantly familiar, though not in an annoying way. Instead, the track stakes most of its appeal on a sense of nostalgia. Yesung is at a point in his career where he doesn’t need to compete with his younger peers. Pink Magic doesn’t adhere to current trends, but it’s all the more refreshing for it.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8



11 thoughts on “Song Review: Yesung (Super Junior) – Pink Magic

  1. I promised myself I’d listen to every song reviewed on this site and this song is why I’m glad I made that promise. {Normally, I’d pass as soon as I released it was a male release.}

    I really, really, like this song. It’s not a ground-breaking song. It’s not very original. But.. takes me back to a few moments in my life when things were carefree. I’m not going to start looking for other songs with a similar vibe. I don’t need to; this song will enter my playlist and fill that spot all by itself. Okay, I need to track this song down now. Tootles.

    {here’s where I drift off-topic and risk expulsion from this site}

    This song reminds me of when Minah (Girl’s Day) released “I am a woman too”. At the time, a lot of people made criticisms on the release. For me, however, the song resonated for personal reasons. I was/am a big fan of The Blow Monkeys. While “Digging You Scene” was the song that put them on the map, I liked “It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way” more. Minah’s song struck the exact same chords when I first heard it that the BM song did years ago. I mention all this because Yesung’s “Pink Magic” triggered a similar nostalgia in me.

    The Blow Monkeys:


  2. I knew you would like this song! YESUNG is one of my favorite kpop vocalists of all time, and even if I love his ballads, Pink Magic is a delightful surprise. Splash is a gem, an upbeat song with his vocals is incredibly sophisticated.


  3. There have been a lot of what I call “chill funk tracks” coming out lately, mostly among solo artists (Giant Pink and Yeri’s collab, Shaun and Ovan’s She Is, etc.) None of them are bad songs in any way, but they’re all just a little too inoffensive for my taste.

    I do really like She Is, though.


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