The Top Ten Best Songs by COSMIC GIRLS (WJSN)

Cosmic Girls have slowly blossomed into one of my favorite girl groups working today, and with new single Boogie Up they officially have enough music videos for a top ten ranking!

Over the years, they’ve developed an instantly recognizable style for themselves, but have also had the opportunity to explore new sounds. Some of these experiments have been more successful than others, but there’s not really a bad single in the bunch. In fact, they have such a consistent singles run that many of my song rankings could easily switch. Here’s where their ten singles stand at the moment…

10. Kiss Me (2017)

Bolstered by power pop guitar, Kiss Me’s crunchy rock stomp matches summer well, but stands as Cosmic Girls’ most forgettable single — even if it’s technically just a CF. (full review)

9. Catch Me (2016)

A brief sidestep to showcase the group’s rap line, the boisterous, beat driven Catch Me isn’t a sound Cosmic Girls would revisit often, but its spunky attitude offers contrasting charms. (full review)

8. Happy (2017)

Trying on a Twice-style pop sound (courtesy of producers Black Eyed Pilseung), Happy stands as an odd duck in Cosmic Girls’ discography. It’s not without its hyper-caffeinated charms, but it’s not the sound the group pulls off best. (full review)

7. MoMoMo (2016)

A blast of bubblegum pop, underlined with majestic synth that pointed to the group’s future work. I wasn’t overly impressed at the time. In hindsight, though, this was a super solid debut. (full review)

6. I Wish (2017)

Brightening the girls’ trademark sound for a percolating brew of chirpy synths, I Wish is an addictive tonic of buoyant pop melody and crisp production. (full review)

5. La La Love (2019)

Picking up where Dreams Come True and Save Me, Save You left off, La La Love initially frustrates with murky verses but soon blossoms into a sledgehammer chorus that’s right up there with the group’s best. (full review)

4. Dreams Come True (2018)

Led by a gorgeous synth line, Dreams Come True ushered in a newly-refined sound for the group, building on their signature style with a killer chorus and dynamic performance. (full review)

3. Boogie Up (2019)

Tackling summer sounds, Boogie Up’s brisk, disco-infused instrumental is so good that it overcomes the song’s lack of a fleshed-out chorus. Cosmic Girls will always be the best when they’re at their most… well… cosmic, but Boogie Up delivers a convincing bid to become K-pop’s new summertime queens. (full review)

2. Secret (2016)

Secret set the template for Cosmic Girls’ spacey sound, providing a compelling spotlight for new member Yeonjung and pairing the girls with match-made-in-heaven producers e.one. Ignore my so-so review from three years ago. This is prime Cosmic Girls, bopping along a sophisticated synth pop groove and delivering vocals to die for. (full review)

1. Save Me, Save You (2018)

The pinnacle (so far) of Cosmic Girls’ spacey, synth-dripped sound, Save Me, Save You unfolds its considerable charms over multiple listens. Its structure ebbs and flows, building momentum for a knockout climax that pulses with runway-ready drive. Honestly, the group could give me rewrites of this over and over again for the next few years and I’d be perfectly happy. (full review)


11 thoughts on “The Top Ten Best Songs by COSMIC GIRLS (WJSN)

  1. My order for the ten songs you selected:
    10. Catch Me (2016)
    9. Kiss Me (2017)
    8. Happy (2017)
    7. MoMoMo (2016)
    6. La La Love (2019)
    5. Dreams Come True (2018)
    4. Boogie Up (2019)
    3. I Wish (2017)
    2. Save Me, Save You (2018)
    1. Secret (2016)

    This is a list of ten songs that have official music videos, but does not necessarily encompass thier best releases. Maybe the title should reflect that this is based on official music videos, or on titular/lead tracks, or.. ..maybe I’m being way too OCD and should just shut the #&@* up. Anywho, these four would’ve made my Top 10 easily (bumping 7, 8, 9, 10):

    Good Night (The Secret) – THAT CHORUS!

    You, You, You (WJ Please?) – One of my Top 5 songs from WJSN.

    I-Yah (WJ Please?) – Another in my WJSN Top 5.

    Oh My Summer (For The Summer) – Boogie Up; but better?!


    If you want a better picture of what WJSN is capable of, I also recommend:

    Miracle (Happy Moment) – The precursor release that will eventually be reworked into “Secret”.

    Robot (The Secret) – It took a couple of listens, but became one of my favorites.

    You Got (WJ Stay?) – WJSN blends their signiture ethereal vibe with funky disco.

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    • Yeah, I realize the title of these features is somewhat misleading. When I first started these top tens in 2016, I went with the vague “top ten best songs” instead of “singles” or “title tracks” because I wanted the posts to appear more prominently on search engines. I was still trying to build my very limited audience. And being one for consistency, the name has stuck. That’s the very dull story behind that…

      If I was truly ranking every song the group has ever released, I-Yah would be my number one — even ahead of their singles.


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