Song Review: Nature – I’m So Pretty

Rookie girl group Nature have mostly flown under the radar so far, but they’re slowly developing a fun, bubblegum pop discography that points toward even better things to come. Looking back, last year’s Allegro Cantabile and You’ll Be Mine were both working out the kinks in preparation for a song like I’m So Pretty (내가 좀 예뻐). Cringeworthy title aside, this is the most polished the group has sounded yet.

The most refreshing thing about Pretty is that it completely sidesteps today’s K-pop trends. I’ll always love songs that feel like they could have been released in any era, and Pretty hearkens back to a time when K-pop used to supply that feeling on the regular. After a brief explosion of synthy brass, the track bounds into its exuberant, stomping pop beat. The delivery during these verses maintains Nature’s cute image but thankfully shies away from over-affected aegyo. From here, the song hits a brief hiccup during its disruptive, brassy pre-chorus, but quickly rights itself.

I’m So Pretty’s strongest hook is repeated often, first as a melodic response within the otherwise unadorned verses, and then as the killing point of the lively chorus. This chirpy refrain is instantly endearing, and offers a great anchor for the track. Even when things go a bit off the rails during a sing-song second verse, Pretty’s indomitable pop instincts are able to keep things moving. In a summer plagued by low-energy disappointments so far, I’m So Pretty’s invigorating verve may be just the jolt July needs to finally wake up and get going.

 Hooks 9
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8


7 thoughts on “Song Review: Nature – I’m So Pretty

  1. I really like this song.
    Most of all, it has a summery (dare I say tropical) vibe by using something novel for kpop: a delightful latin jazz piano in the background. Its like Danilo Perez wandered into the studio and did a little sample. And then there is the cheerleader beat, which bops things along.
    I also love how the producers allow the music on occasion to be very spare, just a beat and a bass, which gives it a bit of 80’s vibes.
    good song, well done.


  2. I’ve been a fan of Nature since they dropped all those dance covers around the time of their debut so I’m forgiving in a few areas. All of their releases have been decent/likable, but there hasn’t been one that made me say, “Yep, this is what cements Nature in the industry.”

    “I’m So Pretty” seems like a melting pot of everything they’re released so far. It has the polish of “Allegro Cantabile”, frenetic elements from the chorus of “You’ll Be Mine”, and a splash of aigoo from “Dream About U”.

    As far as the mini-album, itself, the first 2 songs (I’m So Pretty & SHUT UP!) are similar high energy bops. The remaining 3/5 (Race, I Wish, A Little Star) are ballad-y.

    My inexplicable tendency to veer slightly off-topic starts here:

    There’s something haunting about Nature’s “Race” (track 3). Every now and then, a song will trigger with me for some reason. I think “Race” does so because of the vibe the “George Benson”-like guitar segments give me. Last time I felt a trigger like that was (G)I-DLE’s “Say No”. It took me weeks to realize that “Say No” reminded me of Francis Lai’s “Intimate Moments” for some reason; the minor piano elements maybe?

    Nature – Race:
    (G)I-DLE – Say No/Put It Straight:
    Francis Lai – Intimate Moments:


    • Race is actually a remake ( of Yoonsang’s song of the same name, and it was also made popular by S.E.S. in the early 2000s!

      That “haunting” feeling is definitely valid, as Yoonsang is renowned for his use of minor chords in his music. That’s one of the things that I love about his stuff so much—especially when it comes to his work with OnePiece and Lovelyz.

      Speaking of, here’s a clip ( of Lovelyz singing Race alongside Yoonsang himself! Nature’s vocals on their rendition are cute, but I would’ve loved to have seen this track go to the former. I know that it’s kind of selfish of me, but their vocals would’ve suited it so well.

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    • The guitar on Nature’s version of Race is awesome, a little mellow jazz riff a la George Benson Breezin.
      OK so that makes a cool latin jazz piano and a cool smooth jazz guitar on a kpop album! Nature’s music coordinator is doing a fantastic job!

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