Song Review: TRCNG – Missing

Boy group TRCNG has been M.I.A since the start of 2018, making them the male rookie with the longest hiatus — at least where groups from notable agencies are concerned. Of course, TS Entertainment has always been a mess. I fear that their mismanagement has sabotaged TRCNG before the guys even had a chance to get started. This is a shame, because new single Missing is one of the most powerful title tracks we’ve heard from an idol group in some time.

Missing does an excellent job fusing the old to the new. Its fitful, synth-heavy instrumental is pure 2019-era EDM, but it’s tethered to a melody and arrangement that hearkens back to second-generation K-pop. This results in a track that’s constantly building momentum. Even during its quieter moments, an energetic through-line points toward bigger things to come. Most importantly, the song has impact. From the layered, go-for-broke chorus to the sweeping synth line that kicks off the track, Missing goes for the jugular.

This lay-it-all-on-the-line approach may be a bit much for some listeners, but its widescreen touch has been missing from K-pop for weeks now. The song allows TRCNG’s vocalists to shine in ways we haven’t heard before. Though their voices are layered throughout most of the track, Missing’s melody kicks off soaring and rarely lets up. This allows for a playground of power notes, wringing theatrical emotion from every possible moment. It’s overwrought in the best way, and supported by a whopper of a chorus that feels as if it should be shouted from the highest rooftop possible.

May the rest of August’s K-pop line-up hear this call!

 Hooks 9
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9

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11 thoughts on “Song Review: TRCNG – Missing

  1. At first I was a bit mixed, where is this going to go, but that build-up in chorus just amazed, it is such a great song, I am so impressed 😍❤️… I wasn’t really expecting anything 😅


  2. Better than expected!

    The low MV quality shows, that this is one of TS Entertainments last attempts to push this group (or one of their last attempts to save the company). At least these boys are still young and can find a better future somewhere else.
    I wish them good luck.

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  3. The song sounds like contemporary kpop verses grafted onto a western boy group monster chorus, especially the “I’ll never lose my way” part of the chorus which could be from a Back Street Boys late 90’s song.
    Do I like it? I grade on a curve for the smaller groups, It’s solid, but not fitting my current mood right now. (Another one, What mood am I in?)
    I agree it is the strongest standard kpop boy band song out since ACE “Undercover”. (“standard” is the qualifier here, because mentally I have compartmentalized the Stray Kids “Side Effects” and all NCT releases into other buckets.)


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