Song Review: M.O.N.T – Rock Paper Scissors

It was only a matter of time until we got an idol group song called “Rock Paper Scissors.” I mean, the game is used to decide everything in the K-pop world. I wouldn’t be surprised if agencies used it to determine comeback dates! And, it’s not shocking that a novelty track like this would come from a group like M.O.N.T. Debuting earlier this year, the trio came and went with music that failed to make any meaningful waves. They could definitely use a memorable comeback.

The good news is that Rock Paper Scissors (가위바위보) is superior to their debut. M.O.N.T are still clearly working within a small budget, but at least the track gives them a chance to show some personality. Its instrumental bounds with a healthy dose of funk guitar and brass. I’ll never say no to this particular style, and Rock has a sense of swaggering continuity to it that feels refreshing in these days of stop/start, tempo-changing song structures. I particularly like the choice of brass sample during the primarily instrumental hook. It’s a different texture than we usually hear in K-pop, and gives the song a shot of unique identity.

The rest of Rock Paper Scissors is pretty slight. It never pushes past “fun” to become something truly interesting. But, I think that’s okay. Its chanted hook is simple and goofy, succeeding only on the strength of the guys’ personalities. I don’t imagine this having any sort of staying power, but at least it gives M.O.N.T a signature sound of sorts. If nothing else, it’s something to build on.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 7
 Bias 8

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6 thoughts on “Song Review: M.O.N.T – Rock Paper Scissors

  1. Wow, gladly surprised at the quick review just a few hours after release! I always enjoy your fair reviews. To me, this song is a funky bop, and I really rate it high (however, as a big MONT stan, that’s my bias definitely peeking through). I love the head boppy-ness this song gives and I constantly enjoy Roda’s rap parts and delivery. Rock Paper Scissors is no SOTY, but I’m very happy considering it’s the first comeback from MONT, and it points at a positive trajectory.


  2. I hope MONT continues to stay on your rookie radar. Are you by chance currently living in Korea? The group had their fan showcase today that was open to the public, and having gone I can say it was a blast to attend. Anyways, keep up the song reviews! They’re fun to read, and I appreciate that you cover a variety of artists!


  3. This song is a hell of a lot of fun. I really appreciate the way the song announces itself, and just gets right down to business, and doesn’t stop. Lots of horn and sax samples sprinkled throughout. As a bonus, the rap verse isn’t jarring and there is no trap breakdown.

    There is a lot of Seventeen influence in this song. Except, DK and Seungkwan would have hit (or screamed) the high note a third higher at, for example, 2:45. Also, unclear what the dance is / will be like? The bits of dance in the video are more like strutting around.

    In theory, it could be a breakout hit a la “Shine” for us fans overseas. We shall see what happens.


    • Mmm, maybe it’d be a hit if they upped the tempo somewhat. I like the song as well, but I can’t really picture it with wide popularity.


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