Song Review: Limesoda – Wave

Though Limesoda have been around for over two years, this is the first time I’ve featured them on The Bias List. None of their previous material has felt notable enough to write about, though I have been following the girls ever since member Hyerim competed in season six of K-pop Star. This February, Limesoda added a third member, and new single Wave (웨이브) refreshes their sound.

From production to vocal technique, Wave feels very beholden to BLACKPINK’s success. The girls sing in a similar cadence — kind of bratty and definitely affected. But, it doesn’t come across as a total pastiche, and they don’t go overboard. The verses utilize a sparse instrumental, driven by percolating synths and finger snaps. There’s a surprising level of empty space during Wave’s first minute, allowing the girls to draw in listeners with their voices. This is effective during verse one, but I wish that verse two upped the ante a bit. Wave’s beat-heavy chorus spawns addictive energy, and it’s a shame that this is cast aside for the song’s sluggish middle.

But, boy does Wave give us a chorus. More and more, it feels like choruses are losing importance in pop music. Too often, pre-choruses and instrumental drops take precedence, causing a track to feel uneven and unsatisfying. Wave doesn’t play such tricks. Its hook is big and brash and confident, supported by a robust instrumental that raises the tempo and heightens the excitement. Its sing-song melody may not be anything special, but it makes more of an impact than any of the group’s past work. This could be the start of something great.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8

2 thoughts on “Song Review: Limesoda – Wave

  1. I really liked their debut single “Z Z Z” because it had enough quirk to click with me. As a result, I sponsored the MakeStar project for their next release “All Eyez On Me”. While that release was more polished than their debut, it didn’t really register with me.

    LIMESODA made a side trip as part of a project girl group/eSports girl group named “AQUA” which released “Log In” in 2018. I thought it was okay but not worth buying.

    2019 was a transitional year as two new members were suppose to be added. They added Jangmi in February, then added Teeny in June; who then left in September.

    When I first viewed this review, I was on my phone. I listened to the song on my phone and was less than impressed. I’m glad I waited to make this post till I was able to listen to the song again on my PC with a proper set of cans because my opinion changed from “meh” to “yeah”. I’ll need a few more listens before I’m ready to buy, but this is a decent release from the ̶d̶u̶o̶,̶ ̶q̶u̶a̶r̶t̶e̶t̶, trio.

    Reference #1 (Z Z Z):
    Reference #2 (AEOM):
    Reference #3 (AQUA):


  2. It’s not bad. I don’t know if it is good yet. … …
    A Real Chorus is a nice effect. The synths are spot on quality pop, a good example of less is more. Vocals are pretty good pop vocal, with nice little fluttery effects over the verses. … OK, the Song is Good. Phfew.


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