Vote for the Next Songs to be Reviewed on THE BIAS LIST!

It’s your turn to have a say in the next K-pop tracks reviewed on The Bias List!

I’ve selected twelve of the finest songs released before I launched this site, none of which have been reviewed yet. There are six tracks by female artists, and six by male artists.

Here’s where you come in! Vote for the tracks you most want to see given the full Bias List treatment. The polls will close at the end of this Friday, and you can vote once per day. Reviews will be posted shortly thereafter.

Thanks to KPOP_FAN for leaving this great idea in the comments. Now… get voting! And if there are any songs you’d like to see in future polls, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

20 thoughts on “Vote for the Next Songs to be Reviewed on THE BIAS LIST!

  1. SHINee appears to be in the lead (as of this posting), but if one of the other male tracks breaks the tape at the end, you’ll review this one anyways, right? I mean, come on. You? Not reviewing Sherlock? That messes with the whole space/time continuum thing. I’m talking catastrophic chaos on a global scale! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!


  2. Awesome! I love all of the songs selected (voted for catch me and into the new world)!
    For the next poll will you keep the songs that lose or will you replace them. I would like to see you review Haru Haru!

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    • I’m not sure yet. We’ll see how this one goes and then I’ll make a decision. I don’t think this’ll be a weekly thing (I have enough on my plate… especially with the end-of-year lists coming up), but it’s a great idea!

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  3. Some j-pop suggestions if that’s alright. Crossing Threads by Mesemoa, 原因は自分にある by Genjibu, My Love by One n Only (no music video but it’s on Spotify).


      • All the songs are new. Mesemoa’s an older group, Genjibu just debuted recently, My Love came with Category (3rd single and new song too). Enjoy! If you’re not gonna review them, feel free to briefly share what you think of them.


  4. As much as I love SNSD, it does hurt my heart to see Step in second place…

    Well, I suppose this could be transformed into some sort of analogy about the cutthroat nature of this music industry, and how everyone lives and dies by popular opinion 😂


  5. i’m late at this point, but wow was i surprised to see that After School’s Shampoo was an option!! i’ve always loved the song, but i thought it was just the pretty music video that was endearing me to it (the girls as a tap dance team… pretty flowery sets…… the scene of them all backstage, preparing for their tap “show” together, makes me really happy every time i watch it). i’ll look forward to your review on it, Nick!!!

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