Song Review: CL – +DONE161201+

One day, there will be a dramatic biopic about the struggles inflicted upon CL these past few years. After 2NE1 disbanded, she seemed poised for international success. Instead, she was barely allowed to release material at all, presumably held back by the shackles of YG Entertainment. This drought has finally ended. CL has officially left the agency and should never look back. Years of silence have come to an end in an instant, proving that she has a veritable vault of recordings just waiting to be shared with the world.

Some of those songs will see the light of day thanks to her three-week-long In The Name Of Love project. Each track has been timestamped, with Done marked as a December 1st, 2016 work. The fact that she had to sit on this for three years is pretty frustrating, but better late than never I guess.

Though the release of these “new” tracks is highly anticipated, I don’t think a song like Done would’ve ever been positioned as a title track. It feels like an aural sketch – kind of a diary entry in the form of a pop song. Still, it’s incredibly gratifying to hear CL’s vocals again. Over a gurgling electronic mid-tempo, she takes control of Done’s confrontational energy. The instrumental is mostly just the same loop repeated over and over with a few synth squiggles and fun-house sound effects thrown over the top, but it gets the job done. This feels more like a stream-of-consciousness affair than a big, polished pop track anyway. And given the retributive theme, one can’t help but wonder if Done’s pointed lyrics are aimed at YG himself.

Either way, Done’s chorus is catchy in a disposable kind of way. It’s repetitive and easy to sing along with, as evidenced by the many cameos in its DIY music video. I love that CL throws in an extended rap break during the bridge. Her flow was always a highlight of 2NE1’s songs. And though Done, like its companion piece Rewind, comes across as a welcome b-side rather than a full-fledged comeback, at this point I’m not going to complain about any new (or old!) CL material.

 Hooks 8
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

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7 thoughts on “Song Review: CL – +DONE161201+

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  1. And this, dear children, is what charisma sounds like.

    Yes, it sounds like the demo for a real song. And yes, it sounds like a b-side. But man oh man CL sells the shit out of this song.


  2. Gotta be honest, I thought this one kinda sucked? The rap during the bridge is nice but other than that the song is just so plodding and heavy, it never feels like it goes anywhere or does anything. Even CL seems bored.


  3. You know, these releases had me thinking about the song of hers she recorded – ‘All in’ – that she only could partially leak.

    Not only was it done but a video was shot for it & everything. And then her youtube channel gets terminated the minute she leaves? There is CLEARLY something behind the scenes that happened. I’m just glad she’s free


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