Song Review: Dongkiz – All I Need Is You

Unlike many music markets around the world, K-pop rarely promotes follow-up singles beyond a special performance or two. That’s why I was surprised to see teasers for Dongkiz’s All I Need Is You. I neglected to feature this song as a buried treasure back in November, but now I don’t have to because it joins their official singles run. It’s a well-deserved choice, and continues the group’s bright, funk-fueled sound.

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard brass like this in a K-pop track. All I Need Is You’s post-chorus breakdown recalls the exuberance of Seventeen’s epic Very Nice. Comparatively, the budget is on a shoe-string, but the addictive energy is there. Prior to this burst of funky goodness, the track grooves on a rhythmic, personality-rich verse that moves into an exciting build. Refreshingly, its chorus is also robust, drawing on classic pop melody that feels ripped straight from the 80’s.

Dongkiz are just the boys to deliver this unabashedly retro formula. Even during the second-verse rap, their youthful eagerness manages to evade moments that would come across as cheesy or contrived if performed by a different group. All I Need Is You is fun all the way through, without the posturing that often gets in the way of a good K-pop time. Instead, the guys borrow timeless funk vocal tics and an engaging sense of rhythm that keeps the momentum going. And that effervescent blast of brass is always lurking around the corner, ready to bolster the track with renewed spirit.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9
 RATING 8.75

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One thought on “Song Review: Dongkiz – All I Need Is You

  1. I am really starting to crush on Dongkiz, because they sound like kpop but with their own (retro) sound. A distinct high energy kick. Whoever their producers and song pickers are, they are doing a good job. The only thing missing in this one is the crazy falsetto from their previous releases. Also, the crazy old school samples from classic 80’s hits, but putting that in every song would be a bit much.

    (Related – I would like to point out that Super Junior goes heavy on brass and groove at times. The Play album in particular has Black Suit with brass chorus, and Runaway with brass throughout. And then hey mamacita (ay yay yay).)


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