Song Review: Zico – Any Song

Because of how early the Lunar New Year holiday falls this year, the remainder of January is going to be very slow when it comes to comebacks. Like, December slow. It’s in these times that I find myself writing about each and everything that gets released, even if I’d usually pass on it during a busier time frame. Increasingly, Zico is one of those artists that I tend to ignore. His music just isn’t for me. But, as today’s only notable release, Any Song is getting a Bias List review.

I appreciate the creativity and relatability of Zico’s lyrics, and I’m sure that’s one of his biggest appeals in Korea. But like so much of his material, Any Song is too slight and sing-song for me. The track conjures a jazzy groove, perfect for the subdued house party it’s soundtracking. I especially like the occasional blasts of brass that push to the forefront. The percussion is more sprightly than expected, playing with tempo but not straying far from Any Song’s central groove. Coupled with the repetitive melody, this gives the song a circular, almost monotonous feel. This was no doubt intentional given the theme of the track, but it quickly wears thin.

Any Song is one of Zico’s most instantly catchy singles, and I think that is both a benefit and a curse. Listeners will no doubt be humming the hook immediately, but it almost has the air of a commercial jingle or a nursery rhyme. So much of the song hinges on the same melodic line to the point of exhaustion. Of course, in today’s meme-driven pop culture, this sense of instant accessibility may turn out to be Any Song’s biggest appeal. Either way, it’s already number one on the digital charts, so what do I know?

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 7
 Bias 6

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3 thoughts on “Song Review: Zico – Any Song

  1. It’s got a good groove, but would have been better if it were shorter by at least half a minute. “She’s a Baby” clocks in at 2:45, which would be about right. This one is 3:48 for the audio.

    Also, one 20-30 sec tempo change in the middle or at the end (or a rap) instead of the nth repeat of the refrain would have been nice. Its missing the unique syncopation that Zico usually laces through his raps.

    That said, it aiight. I don’t even know how to look up all the Melon-type ratings to know what I do not know. It doesn’t appear to be on itunes yet.


  2. Yeah, what do we know, it is a certified all-kill this morning. The song found the same perfect nexus of heavy and light that made the Ikon Love Scenario song and NFlying’s Rooftop song hits this time last year and the year before.


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