Song Review: Favorite – Lie

It’s been over a year since Favorite released a single, which is a lifetime when it comes to a group of their standing. They could certainly use an influx of new fans, and the best way of doing that is to release (good) music frequently. Last year’s Loca was a step in the right direction, but new single Lie (또 LIE) fails to capitalize on that (admittedly, long-expired) hype.

Lie aims for a similar trajectory, bringing in Latin guitar and percussion for a spirited instrumental. The problem is, the melody just isn’t as addictive this time around. I was actually shocked to learn that this is a LEEZ/Ollounder production. I’ve lauded both of these creators as some of modern K-pop’s most inspired, and they’ve already been responsible for two of my favorite tracks of the year. But sadly, Lie sees them in coast mode, offering a series of generic hooks that feel as if they could have been written by anyone. There isn’t much individual personality to be found, nor opportunities for the girls themselves to stand out.

What we get instead is three and a half minutes of pleasant filler. Nothing is poorly performed or executed, but it’s the kind of song that manages to be simultaneously catchy and not catchy at all. The sheer repetition of the chorus makes it somewhat memorable, yet no single hook is unique enough to rattle around your brain for long. This is a problem, especially for a group in search of a breakout.

 Hooks 6
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 6

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2 thoughts on “Song Review: Favorite – Lie

  1. Well I think it is cute. It has an actual melody that I can sing along too! The instrumental is refreshing with actual instruments! The usual au courant tropes don’t beat us over the head – they are all present but easy enough to ignore.

    I like it. 8ish fo rme.

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  2. It’s a good song. Well constructed. Nothing really wrong with it. Still, I’m not the target audience for it.

    When Favorite debuted with “Party Time”, I passed on them. Then they released “Where Are You From?” and they had me firmly on the hook. I then backed their MakeStar project for their third comeback (“Loca”); another perfectly fine song, but nothing like the song that stuck the hook in. Then a Japanese release (“Catch Me”), and this one “(“Lie”).

    I’ll probably still try to catch all their future releases, but I think they plateaued with me 3 releases ago.

    It total, they’ve had 5 title track releases

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