Song Review: HA:TFELT – Sweet Sensation (ft. Sole)

I’ll never forget the impact that HA:TFELT’s 2014 debut had. Ain’t Nobody was an explosion of a pop song, melding the commercial with the artistic in a really gratifying way. Since then, I’ve wanted to love most of HA:TFELT’s music more than I actually do. She’s an immensely appealing performer, but I find a lot of her work to be more pleasant than compelling. New single Sweet Sensation fits into this same category, but its bubbly breeziness makes for a well-suited addition to the spring season.

Sweet Sensation follows pre-release Satellite, a more pensive track that was unveiled earlier in the week. Despite being a lower energy affair, that song actually has a bit more bite to it. But, “bite” isn’t really the point of a pop bauble like Sweet Sensation. This song envelopes you in a comforting way. It never stretches expectations, but feels as welcome as a warm blanket on a cool summer night. HA:TFELT’s light, effortless vocals lead the charge in fostering this sentiment. Like my personal favorite pop icon Janet Jackson, HA:TFELT possesses that rare vocal timbre that just makes you feel great. It’s not too sharp or showy or pleased with itself.

Sweet Sensation pairs her with Sole, the track’s co-composer who tackles the bridge and offers ad-libs during the final chorus. Other than a promotional effort, I don’t really see the necessity behind this. Sole’s tone isn’t all that dissimilar from HA:TFELT’s, and is too brief to offer much impact. But though it might seem extraneous, at least it’s not jarring enough to upend Sweet Sensation’s amiable appeal. I could see this song sticking around for a while, providing a needed salve for frayed nerves and self-quarantining doldrums.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8

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2 thoughts on “Song Review: HA:TFELT – Sweet Sensation (ft. Sole)

  1. The amount of TALENT in Wonder Girls’ last iteration is just crazy. Sunmi is obviously great and she deserves the world, but I feel like HA:TFELT is often quite underrated.

    Her mini Me? is one of my favourite k-pop albums, and is home to some of the few really sad, desperate k-pop songs I’ve heard.
    This album seems to look for a calmer, less intense vibe, but I can’t wait to pass time with it.


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