Song Review: Solar (Mamamoo) – Spit It Out

Since releasing last November’s mega-hit Hip, Mamamoo have taken a well-deserved break. But, that doesn’t mean the girls haven’t been busy. February saw Moonbyul release the solid Eclipse, Hwasa dueted with label-mates ONEWE earlier this month, and now leader Solar has unveiled a new solo single – her first to eschew typical balladry for something more adventurous. Spit It Out (뱉어) isn’t what you’d immediately expect to hear from Solar, and that gap adds to its charm.

In many ways, Spit It Out feels like a direct successor to Hip. It pulses on a similar footfall of percussion, though I think the instrumental is even stronger this time around. In a K-pop world of lurching trap and future bass diversions, there’s something very refreshing about Spit It Out’s straightforwardness. The track sets up an addictive rhythm right from the start and never really strays from it – layering elements on top rather than upending the entire structure.

This proves to be fertile ground for Solar, who offers a charismatic performance that’s much more nimble and breathy than anticipated. Honestly, you could’ve told me that this was a Hwasa single and I would’ve believed you. I’m heartened to know that Solar was a partner in Spit It Out’s composition. She was able to imbue the song with her own spirit, and that sense of identity helps immensely. Melodically, the song mostly circles around the same hook, with verses that compliment the chorus without standing out much on their own. But, the entire package is consistently compelling. Things begin to sputter a bit during an extended, repetitive bridge, but Spit It Out knows not to wear out its welcome. At just over three minutes, it’s a breezy, attitude-fueled dance track that goes down easy.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25

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5 thoughts on “Song Review: Solar (Mamamoo) – Spit It Out

  1. The good times of Mamamoo were left in 2017. This new concept or whatever they are trying to go with always seems forced to me and it also doesn’t play into my musical preferences. I used to like them quite a bit so I can’t help but always feel disappointed at everything they release now.

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  2. I’m like the yin to your yang here! I’ve never connected with their old material, but I’m fully on board with the kind of funny bops they’re bringing these days: Egotistic, Twit, Hip and now this.

    Totally agree with Nick’s review by the way. Video’s great too and really adds something to the track.

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  3. I don’t really know how to feel because at the same time I feel like this could have been a song for any female idol soloist – Solar is way above the average one – but she is also charismatic enough to sell it to me.
    Musically, there is nothing special to say about the song but it’s pleasant to have a song that doesn’t kill its momentum for whatever reason.

    I probably won’t go back often to this one after a few weeks but we need these kind of songs. 7.5/7.75 would be my rating.


  4. Solar channels her inner Hwasa. One of the backup dancers also bears a passing resemblance to Hwasa too, so I half expected the lineup to shift around and see that one start singing.

    This is a solid old fashioned pop song that could have been released any time in the past 30 years. Actual sung chorus!

    And yet, somehow, I don’t know if I feel compelled enough to buy it. Sure, I bought Twit which is a far inferior song, and HIP which is far superior song that grew on me. Is it underplayed? Does this song need even more charisma, like Sunmi level? Did Solar give a 9 when it needed an 11? Or are we really just missing Moonbyul?


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